DIY Roomba Hidden Shelf Storage / Garage

I love robot vacuums, I have a whole website about them, but the main one I use around the home has a problem that all of them have… they stand out, are in the way, and don’t look that great out in the open. I wanted a storage place for my Roomba and other robot

How Long Do Most Home Robot Vacuums Take To Clean?

Let’s chat about robot vacuums, like Roomba, and their cleaning times. You know, it’s quite fascinating how these little machines work. The time they take to tidy up your place varies quite a bit. It really depends on what model you’ve got and, of course, the size and layout of your home. Typically, most of

4 Reasons Why Your Roomba Keeps Stopping

There are a few reasons why your Roomba might keep stopping. The most common reasons are: 1. Stuck One of the biggest reasons why any robot vacuum may stop is because it’s stuck. For me, at least, leaving gym shorts or shirts on the floor can cause it to get stuck and stop working. They

Roomba and Pet Urine: Avoiding Dog Pee

Roomba, and most robot vacuums, are NOT smart enough to avoid dog pee or most wet messes. This means that if Sparky urinates on the floor and your bot runs over it, the urine will likely be spread around and could hurt your robot vacuum. If you have a pet that is prone to accidents,

How to Easily and Properly Dispose of a Robot Vacuum

So, you’re thinking about saying goodbye to your robot vacuum? Well, you’ve got a couple of options to do this responsibly. First up, recycling. It’s the eco-friendly way to go! They have electronic components and batteries that shouldn’t end up in a landfill. Many places have electronics recycling programs. Just drop off your vacuum at

How Robot Vacuums Decide When to Stop Cleaning

Robot vacuums like the Roomba are quite the marvel, aren’t they? They zip around your home, cleaning, and to many, it seems almost like magic how they navigate. But there’s a method to what looks like random movement. These smart little machines use sensors and algorithms to map your home and avoid obstacles. They’re programmed

Are Robot Vacuum Cleaners Quiet or Noisy?

My robot vacuum goes to work when I go to work, and while I’m upstairs and it’s downstairs, I can hear it. This has caused me to keep my door closed, so it doesn’t distract me while I work. Now this has me wondering how loud my robot vacuum is, especially in comparison to a

10 Places To Hide Roomba Robot Vacuum [Roomba Storage]

We all love our robot vacuums, but they can be a little unsightly in our homes. The good news is that there are several hiding places to put your Roomba and other robot vacuums. Some of these storage ideas are obvious, but there are a few we think are just great options that many people

Can a Roomba Handle the Challenges of Big Houses?

So, you’re pondering if a Roomba is the right fit for a larger home, right? Well, from my perspective, the answer leans towards a yes, but of course, there are a few things to chew over. Think of a Roomba as that friend who’s always ready to lend a hand, or rather, a brush, in

9 Reasons To Avoid Buying A Robot Vacuum [Honest]

So, we’ve been singing praises about robot vacuums for a while now, right? They’re nifty, they’re convenient, but hey, it’s only fair we flip the coin and look at the other side. Time to talk about the not-so-great parts. Now, don’t get me wrong, robot vacuums are a fantastic fit for a lot of folks,

How To Clean And Remove Hair From Roomba Brushes

You’ve got a Roomba, right? These little guys are pretty awesome at keeping our floors clean, but they need a bit of TLC to keep them running smoothly. The key? Regular maintenance of the brushes. You should give them a good cleaning every month. Think of it like a spa day for your Roomba! But

Use Tape To Keep Roomba From Leaving Marks On Your Floors

There are several reasons why your Roomba may be leaving marks on your floor. If the wheels of your robot vacuum keeps leaving marks, then wrap the wheels in blue painters tape. This will help determine what is causing the markings and protect the floors. How To Clean And Check Roomba Wheels Flip your Roomba

The Ultimate Manual for Maintaining Your Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

You know, robot vacuum cleaners have really taken the cleaning world by storm, haven’t they? They zip around our floors, doing their thing, making our lives a bit easier. But, there’s this one aspect that often flies under the radar – maintenance. Maintaining a robot vacuum is a whole different ball game compared to your

Straight Line Robot Vacuums vs Random or Circle: Which is Better?

You know, in the world of robot vacuums, there’s this big debate that’s pretty fascinating. It’s all about the best cleaning strategy. On one side, you’ve got folks who swear by robot vacuums that clean in straight lines. They argue these guys cover more ground quickly and efficiently. It’s all about getting the job done,

Tips on How to Address Roomba Side Brushes Not Spinning

Ever wondered why your Roomba’s side brushes stop spinning? Well, it’s usually because they get clogged with hair and stuff. And if they’re still spinning but not cleaning well, it’s probably because they’re worn out from all that cleaning action. To get them back in top shape, just clean out the gunk if they’re clogged.

Are Robot Vacuum Cleaners Vulnerable to Cyberattacks?

Ever heard of a robot vacuum getting “hacked”? It’s not quite as Hollywood as it sounds. You see, there have been a few reports of robot vacuums going rogue, but it’s not because cybercriminals have cracked some super-secret vacuum code. The real issue lies in something much simpler – bad passwords. Imagine this: you use

Do Roomba’s Effectively Tackle Pet Hair?

When it comes to the furry chaos left behind by our four-legged friends, robot vacuums like Roomba’s are like unsung heroes. They’re like little cleaning sidekicks that excel at tackling pet hair and other pesky debris. Now, here’s the interesting part: Roomba’s have a special knack for handling pet hair, but they sometimes stumble when

Robot Vacuum Side Brushes: Everything You Need To Know

Most robot vacuums come with side brushes – but do you know why? What purpose do they serve? And are they necessary? We will answer all of your questions about side brushes on robot vacuums and cover everything from why they’re included on most models to how often you should replace them. Plus, we’ll give

What’s the Best Robot Vacuum for Long Hair?

Having a robot vacuum is a game-changer for any home, but let’s talk about their Achilles’ heel: hair. Yes, those sleek machines have one tiny weakness. You see, the magic behind many robot vacuums lies in their rotating beater brushes. They’re like the superheroes of cleaning, but here’s the catch – they absolutely adore getting

How Robot Vacuum Cleans Corners & Hard To Reach Areas

Robot vacuum cleaners have been making waves for a while now, and their popularity just keeps soaring. Why, you ask? Well, they’ve got a nifty trick up their robotic sleeves that sets them apart. These little cleaning wonders can reach spots that your regular vacuum can only dream of. Think about those pesky corners and