Do Vacuum Storage Bags Reduce Weight or Make it Heavier?

Every pound counts when you travel nowadays. Trying to save weight can be tricky, but the thing everyone try’s out is Vacuum Storage Bags. When you pack with these storage bags, you can see the bag getting smaller and smaller as you suck out the air. Since the bags are shrinking you may wonder –

Unpacking the Truth: Do Vacuum Bags Harm Your Clothes?

Are vacuum bags a lifesaver or a clothing destroyer? Many of us have turned to these space-saving marvels to maximize storage and keep our clothing organized, especially during traveling. However, a common concern lingers: Do vacuum bags ruin clothes? In this post, I’ll delve into the topic to shed light on whether the convenience of

Do Vacuum Bags Crease/Wrinkle Clothes?

Do Vacuum Bags or Travel Bags wrinkle clothing? Well, kind of. Over time some vacuum bags can create a few creases in clothing, but if you pack it right, you can lower the wrinkle count. I’ve had the best luck with Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags, and I would recommend them if you need some Space