How Roomba Finds Its Base: Robot Vacuum Navigation

How does the Roomba robot vacuum find its home base? That’s a super common question that stumps many owners who just got their new robot vacuum. The Roomba, and many other robot vacuums, use various sensors to navigate around your home and find its way back to the charging station, also called the base station … Read more

Can You Move Your Roomba From Floor to Floor?

Robot vacuums, like the Roomba, have become very popular, especially with homes with multiple floors. With this popularity, a new question comes up about if you can move your Roomba from floor to floor. The Roomba can be moved from floor to floor and be picked up while it’s cleaning your floors. Roomba’s can remember … Read more

Can a Vacuum Cleaner Replace a Broom? Vacuum vs. Broom

The vacuum cleaner vs. a broom is quite an interesting topic, especially since minimalism has taken off. It’s not just the minimalism of a broom that brings up the question of whether a vacuum cleaner can replace a broom, but to many, a broom just feels like it’s good enough. To some, a vacuum cleaner … Read more

Can You Install Carpet Without Padding?

There is no better feeling than walking on carpet with a nice padding underneath it. The way it cushions your walking and dampens the sound of footsteps has many homeowners begging for it. While carpet padding is nice to have it’s not always needed, but there are some situations where you should or may even … Read more

Why Do Vacuum Cleaners Have Headlights?

It seems there is a running joke that vacuum cleaners having headlights is silly and pointless. The truth is that having lights on your vacuum cleaner is quite a helpful feature. The reason why vacuum cleaners have headlights is to reflect dirt, dust, spider webs, and other debris at a lower angle than what the … Read more