Roomba’s & Large Homes: What You Need to Know

If you’re wondering if a Roomba is good for large homes, the answer is yes, but there are a few things you need to know before getting one.

A Roomba is a great option for those who want to vacuum their entire home without having to lift a finger, or something to help with the in-between cleanings. They are especially helpful for people with multiple bedrooms or large houses with lots of furniture.

However, there are some things you should keep in mind before purchasing this type of vacuum cleaner. We’ll discuss what you need to know about using a Roomba in a large home.

What Are Roomba’s / Robot Vacuums?

Roomba’s are small, round, and autonomous vacuum cleaners that have been designed to vacuum your floors. They use sensors to navigate around your home and avoid obstacles, making them ideal for busy people or those who have a hard time cleaning their floors.

While Roomba’s are great at vacuuming dirt, dust, and pet hair, they do have some limitations. For example, they can’t clean under low sitting furniture, and they might miss some areas of your home if you don’t get models that map your home.

The Best Roomba For Large Homes

The best Roomba for a large home is any model that maps your home and empties itself.

You need the mapping technology, so it knows where it’s at in your large home and can get to where it needs to. The mapping allows it to clean systematically, so it doesn’t miss spots, this is very important for larger homes. The robot vacuums without the mapping just move around randomly, and the larger the home, the less likely it will clean everything.

The large dust bin with self emptying abilities is also important for larger homes as you have more area to cover. As the robot vacuum fills up, it will empty itself and pick up where it left off.

With all this in mind, the best Roomba is the Roomba J7+.*

The Roomba J7+ plus has all these features and then more, to learn more about the Roomba J7+ check out the video below.

Roomba & Multiple Rooms

Roomba’s can handle multiple rooms in a large home with no issue, especially when it uses mapping to navigate your home.

When the Roomba starts out, it tries to figure out the barriers and doors as it builds its map. It learns your home every time you run it and gets smarter over time. In the app you can even label each room and tell it to avoid certain areas.

When the Roomba needs to charge or empty its container it will know where it’s base station is located and so long as nothing is blocking it, the Roomba will go home. If your robot vacuum has issues with not charging, we have a post that can help.

Objects In The Way

The Roomba J7+ can handle object avoidance, for example, socks and dog poop.

It uses sensors to detect objects in its path and will adjust accordingly.

iRobot has programmed it to learn the many types of poop it will run into, and even odd things like socks and cords. It’s the best robot vacuum on the market for avoiding objects, especially if you have an unpredictable home with kids and pets leaving things everywhere.

Clean The Whole House

The Roomba J7+ will clean your entire house so long as it’s on the same floor.

When the robot vacuum runs out of battery, it returns home to charge back up before picking back up where it left off. About the only thing that will slow it down is if the self emptying tank is too full.

You can schedule the Roomba to clean while you’re away at work or sleeping, and it will make its way around your home, avoiding obstacles and furniture as needed. It will return to its base station when it’s finished or needs to charge.

How Long Do Roomba’s Take To Clean?

How long it takes Roomba to clean your home depends on how big of a home you have. The bigger the home, the more time it will take to cover all areas.

A Roomba can run for about an hour before it needs to recharge, but can go back home to charge and pick up where it left until the whole house is cleaned.

If Roomba experiences any issues, it will send you a notice in the app of the problem, but most of the time they work in the background. Besides the noise they make, most people forget about the little guy until he needs to be emptied or maintenance done. A robot vacuum is one of those set it and forget it kind of tools, so worrying about how long it takes is not a huge concern.

Cleaning Only Certain Rooms

You can use the app of your Roomba to tell it to clean certain areas or rooms.

With the mapping tech, you can tell it to go to any spot it’s mapped before and start cleaning that area.

Will Roomba Scratch Marble Floors?

Roomba is probably the best robot vacuum for cleaning carpets and rug, but if you have any delicate flooring you may want to turn off the brushes, remove them, or use no robot vacuum.

The brushes on the Roomba are not that rough and should be safe on most floors, but if you need to be extra cautious, you should avoid any robot vacuum going over those floors.

Can Roomba Go Upstairs

There isn’t any robot vacuum that can go up or down stairs.

Just about every robot vacuum can avoid falling down stairs, but they don’t utilize them.

If you have multiple floors, you can get a robot vacuum for each floor or move the robot vacuum to the new floors to clean them as needed.

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