Troubleshooting A Robot Mop That Isn’t Spraying Water

Honestly, having owned a Braava robot mop, it’s almost funny how often a simple oversight can lead to a non-spraying issue. The most frequent culprit? An empty water tank or one that’s not seated right. Before diving deep into it, always start by checking these basics; it’s astounding how many times I’ve found the problem

When Your Robot Vacuum Stops Mopping: Here’s What to Do!

You can get many robot vacuums that have a mopping attachment to help you clean and vacuum your hard floors. You may run into a few situations that your robot vacuum is not mopping at all, or not mopping that well when you’re in mopping mode. Here are a few things to check: Not Dispensing

How To Clean iRobot Mop Pads: Are They Washable? Can You Reuse Them?

I’ve had my experiences with brands like iRobot and various other robot mops, and one feature I genuinely appreciate is their use of washable pads, in addition to the single-use ones. From what I’ve observed, these reusable pads, when maintained properly, can offer a sustainable good enough cleaning. It’s a breeze to wash them, and

Choosing the Right Cleaner for Your Robot Mop [Tips & Suggestions]

You cannot put a cleaning solution into your robot mops tank. This is because the chemicals in the cleaner can damage/corrode the small parts inside the robot. You can get a spray bottle and lightly put down some heavily diluted floor cleaner on trouble spots, but it’s best you don’t over do it and avoid

How Long Do Robot Mop Pads Last? [Tips & Advice]

Robot mopping pads last for one year or 50 washes in the washing machine if they’re reusable. If the mopping pad is disposable, then they only last after one cleaning cycle. It’s best to stick to reusable mopping pads for your robot mop, as they last longer and are cheaper to run in the long