How Robot Vacuum Cleans Corners & Hard To Reach Areas

One of the standout virtues of robot vacuums is their ability to reach those corners and tight spots that I often overlook with my regular vacuum. The magic largely lies in their rotating side brushes. These nifty brushes don’t just skirt around edges and furniture corners but also sweep dirt and debris right into the

[Sand Challenge] Can Robot Vacuums Pick Up Sand?

Most robot vacuums can pick up sand without any issues. However, the ones with rotating brushes are typically better at picking up sand than models without them. The double brushes found on Roombas work the best for picking up sand – especially in cracks and crevices. In general, robot vacuums are great at picking up

[How To] Protect Baseboards From Robot Vacuums!

The best way to protect your baseboards from your Roomba or any robot vacuum is to put felt sticky pads on the front bumper, as I’ve done in the picture below. You want to put several felt pads on the front bumper of your robot vacuum. You can put it all the way around the

How Your Roomba Gets Smarter Over Time!

One of the interesting facts about modern Roomba robot vacuum cleaners is that they do get smarter over time and the more you use it. Not only is iRobot, the parent company of Roomba, give you updates to improve them and fix bugs, but the robots with mapping tech will learn your home and figure

[FIX] iRobot Roomba Makes Beeping Sound On Charger

Roomba’s will play songs, speak the problem, beep and flash it’s LED lights at you to communicate and tell you what is wrong. Your Roomba playing 4 notes, or it may sound like 4 beeps, is a sign the battery is low, and it needs to be charged. Most modern Roomba’s will navigate to the

How To Tell Which Roomba You Have

If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out which Roomba model graces your home, its age, or its serial number, trust me, you’re not alone. I’ve been there, and I’m here to guide you through it. To pinpoint your Roomba’s identity, it’s essential to have the little robot handy. And yes, as quirky as

The Best Robot Vacuums WITHOUT Brushes (Beater Bars)

Robot vacuums have become the mainstream way to clean carpet and hard floors. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that some hard floors can’t have any beater brushes used on them. Beater brushes are the rotating brushes near the vacuum intake that are there to lift carpet and scoop the dirt

How Robot Vacuums Navigate: Mapping, GPS, Cameras & More

How Robot Vacuums Navigate Robot vacuum cleaners use 3 types of navigation methods to explore your home. The most common way robot vacuums navigate your home, and the default for many lower-end models, is by randomly bouncing around. When the robot vacuum hits something and triggers the bumper, they turn and go a different direction.

How To Reuse Roomba Bags [Simple]

How To Make Roomba Bags Reusable Once the robot vacuum bag gets full, do the following: It’s that simple. No need to cut open the bag or make adjustments to the bag that can make it dust collecting abilities worse, just suck it back out the bag. The hole of the vacuum bag is small,

Can You Put A Robot Vacuum In The Dishwasher?

You cannot put your Roomba, or any robot vacuum, in the dishwasher. Not only will it void your warranty, but it will also destroy your robot vacuum and the parts you put in the dishwasher. Dishwashers run hot, and the plastic used on robot vacuums are not meant to handle that high heat. Not only

[DAMAGED?] Can a Roomba Go on Wet Floors?

From personal experience and having had a few “oops” moments with my own Roomba, let me tell you, wet floors are a no-go for these devices. If you’ve ever been tempted to run your robot vacuum over a wet patch, please resist. These machines, as advanced as they are, aren’t waterproof. Trying to tackle a

Solved: Can You Bring A Roomba On A Plane?

Many airlines do allow you to bring your robot vacuum on the plane, following certain guidelines. It’s best you remove the battery from your robot vacuum, this way you only need to have the battery in your carry-on and the robot itself can be in checked baggage. It also has no power going to it,

How Does My Roomba Pick Up So Much Dust And Dirt?

The reason your Roomba is so good at picking up dust and dirt has to do with its design. Robot vacuums are designed with special brushes that help lift dirt and dust from surfaces, Roomba has the double beater brush that really helps! They also can get into spaces, like under bed and furniture, and

How Roomba Finds Its Base: Robot Vacuum Navigation

Most robot vacuums use a combination of sensors, cameras, and mapping technology to find their charging base. They typically have either an infrared or laser sensor that helps them navigate around your home. Some robots, like higher-end Roomba’s, come with cameras that map out your floor plan and help the robot vacuum cleaner return to

Can You Move Your Roomba From Floor to Floor?

The Roomba can be moved from floor to floor and be picked up while it’s cleaning your floors. Roomba’s can remember multiple floor layouts and can even pick up where they left off. There are a few more things you need to consider before moving your Roomba that we go over in this article. Move

Can Robot Vacuums Go Over Thresholds and Ramps?

A robot vacuum, such as the iRobot Roomba’s, can go over ramps, inclines, bumps, and other thresholds. The max Roomba threshold is 5/8in or 15.8mm. There exist other robot vacuums that can go over higher thresholds that we’ll discuss along with other tips to try. Threshold Limits Roomba says their robot vacuums can go over

Can I Use My Roomba in the Garage?

Yes, a robot vacuum can be used to clean your garage floor so long as you don’t have this on your floors… Roomba and most other robot vacuum manufacturers don’t have garage floors in mind when making them, but most garage floors are concrete, and that is what is used in basements which is something

Do Robot Vacuums Damage Furniture and Floors?

From my own experience, robot vacuums are generally quite gentle on most types of flooring. However, if you have specialty or delicate flooring, it’s always wise to exercise some caution. I strongly recommend reaching out to your floor’s manufacturer to ensure that components like rubber wheels or beater brushes won’t cause any damage. There are