(1,000+) Robot Vacuum Names – Unlimited & Unique

With robot vacuums becoming more popular the need for a good name has risen too. You don’t want to give your robot some boring name. You want something that stands out!

I’ve listed below all the classic Roomba names and made a random name generator to give you endless possibilities of names to pick from.

At the end of this post, we have also listed off some post you’ll find interesting as they relate to your new robot vacuum.

Robot Vacuum Name Generator

To help your robot vacuum stand out from the rest, we’ve created a random robot vacuum name generator.

Don’t use the same boring names that everyone else’s uses, keep pressing the purple “generate new names” button below to find your one of a kind name for your Roomba!

Hey! Leave a comment at the bottom of the best names you generated!

The names are randomly picked, so there may be some offensive or odd names that show up. We have no control over what shows up.

Classic Names

  1. Jarvis
  2. Alfred
  3. The Bot
  4. Our Robot Overloads
  5. Robbie Robot
  6. Rosie the Robot Maid
  7. Bob (So simple and easy to remember)
  8. Spengler
  9. Uhura
  10. Mulder
  11. Scully
  12. Buzz
  13. A Life Saver
  14. Pet Hair Eater
  15. Rambo-bot
  16. Mr. Meeseeks
  17. Morty
  18. Rick
  19. Jerry
  20. Pass Butter
  21. Simon (Simon says with Alexa or Google Home?)
  22. Bender
  23. Fry
  24. Cat Car 
  25. Rex
  26. Dummy
  27. Jeeves
  28. Blessing
  29. The Lazy Husband
  30. Minion
  31. Holly
  32. Sucker
  33. Nitro
  34. Dexter
  35. Marvin
  36. Audrey
  37. Metal Man
  38. Groot
  39. Mr. Roboto
  40. Cyborg
  41. Thor
  42. Johnny 5
  43. Matrix
  44. Ulysses
  45. Optimus Prime
  46. RoboCop (or RoboMop)
  47. EVE
  48. Wallie
  49. Bane
  50. DJ Roomba
  51. Mr. Slave
  52. Plumbus
  53. Steve
  54. Karl
  55. Percy
  56. Herbert
  57. Dusty (I love this one)
  58. Roberta
  59. Rover
  60. Robot 1
  61. Robot 2
  62. Ziggy
  63. GLaDOS (Great Game!)
  64. Chell
  65. Cave Johnson
  66. Wheatley
  67. ATLAS
  68. P-body
  69. Lupe
  70. Dolby
  71. Archer
  72. Hector
  73. Blue
  74. Red
  75. Hairy
  76. Denis
  77. Scruffy the janitor
  78. Pickle
  79. Mr. Cleaner

How To Change Roomba’s Name

If you come across a new name that you like for your Roomba, you can easily change it in the settings of the app.

While connected to the internet, go In the app and do the following:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. About (the model number of your Roomba).
  3. Select “Change Name” or press on the current name to change it.

There is no limit to what you can name your Roomba or how often you want to change it.

Don’t be shy with it either, feel free to get “Hello My Name Is” stickers and put them on your robot vacuum, so others know it’s name and can greet them when passing by!

Helpful Tip!

Make sure to pick up Adhesive Cable Clips like these here (Amazon Link Ad) to keep cables off the floor so your robot vacuum doesn’t get caught on them! We talk more about other helpful tips in the posts below.

Helpful Robot Vacuum Posts

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