Tips on How to Address Roomba Side Brushes Not Spinning

Ever wondered why your Roomba’s side brushes stop spinning? Well, it’s usually because they get clogged with hair and stuff. And if they’re still spinning but not cleaning well, it’s probably because they’re worn out from all that cleaning action.

To get them back in top shape, just clean out the gunk if they’re clogged. And if they’re tired, think about getting new brushes every 6 months or when they’re not doing the job anymore. Easy peasy, right?

What Are The Side Brushes On Robot Vacuums?

The side brush is the rotating brush under your Roomba that is made to kick the dust in corners towards its main brushes where it sucks it up.

Since most robot vacuums are round, they have a hard time in corners. So a spinning brush on the side is used. This brush will also get low areas that the robot vacuum can’t fit, like around baseboards.

How To Clean Roomba Side Brush

Cleaning the Roomba side brush is super easy, and we’ll show you how below.

1. Remove One Phillips Head Screw

Remove the one Phillips head screw, so you can lift off the side brush as shown in the picture below.

Once the side brush is off, remove any hair or debris that may be stuck to it or under the cap of the side brush.

If the brush is old, now is a good time to replace it with a new one.

2. Remove Bottom Cover

When you have removed the side brush, the next thing you need to do is remove the bottom cover.

The screw locations are located below.

3. Remove Motor Module

When you have the bottom cover off, you can now remove the side brush motor module (the blue box). You will need a smaller Phillips head screwdriver to get this out, it’s only two screws.

4. Clean Contacts

When you have the blue side brush motor out, you’ll see the contacts on it and the robot vacuum.

I’ve seen these contacts get dirty or corroded and that is what keeps it from working. Using rubbing alcohol and a clean rag, clean these contacts to remove any dirt or corrosion.

Note: Remove the battery before cleaning and let the rubbing alcohol dry before using. 

Still Not Working

If you cleaned the side brush, and it’s still not working, the best thing to do is replace the blue motor module.

You can take it apart, but you need a special screwdriver and most often, when you open it, there is nothing left to clean, and it’s just a waste.

It’s the motor that has gone bad, and buying a new module with a new motor is what you need to do.

You can get replacement side brush modules for your Roomba here. (Amazon Link Ad)

Side Brushes Are Not Needed

Your Roomba robot vacuum will work without the side brush.

Some people even like it this way, as they clean either large areas or the brushes fling too many things around.

Though, side brushes are worth it, especially if you want the robot vacuum to clean corners. The side brush also funnels the dirt into the Roomba, so overall, you want to keep it.



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