[BAD!] The Truth About Cleaning With Baking Soda & Vinegar

You know, I used to swear by the magical cleaning combo of vinegar and baking soda, just like many of us do. It’s a classic belief that’s been handed down through the ages. But here’s the thing: after some digging and a bit of experimentation, I’ve come to see that this dynamic duo might not

Can You Use a Vacuum Without a Filter + Other Filter Tips!

The filter in your vacuum cleaner is needed for it to function correctly. Without a filter, two things happen. If you have no filter, all the debris you’re vacuuming gets put back in the air and floor. This defeats the point of vacuuming if you’re only spreading the debris again. Also, not every vacuum cleaner

It’s Best You Don’t Plug Your Vacuum Into A Powerstrip

When it comes to power strips and vacuum cleaners, it’s a no-go. Plugging your vacuum cleaner into a power strip or an extension cord may seem like a quick solution, but it’s a risky move you should steer clear of. Why, you ask? Well, here’s the scoop: Vacuum cleaners draw a lot of power, and

Here’s How Your Roomba May Trigger Home Alarm System

I recently got a good question about alarm systems and if a robot vacuum will trigger them. This is one of those things you don’t think much about until it hits you when trying to leave your home and the robot vacuum is running. Will The Robot Vacuum Set Off The Home Alarm? Yes, but

[10-Steps] How To Clean A Roomba That Ran Over Poop

There was a video that circulated the internet where someone’s robot vacuum running over dog poop, and it smeared it all over the home. It was gross and everyone had a good laugh because something like this would never happen to us. Well… I thought the same thing and then one day it happen to

How Often to Vacuum Upholstery ( And Clean )

Time to spill the sofa-foam on upholstery maintenance! Here’s the deal: vacuuming your upholstery should be a weekly ritual, right alongside your floor vacuuming sessions. Keep those pesky crumbs and dust bunnies at bay! But wait, there’s more to this upholstery love story. Deep cleaning is the real star of the show, and it’s a

How to Clean Dried Vomit from Carpets

Dealing with dried vomit stains is no picnic – it’s one of the trickiest cleaning challenges out there. This unsightly enemy has three components that require your full cleaning arsenal. First, there’s the stain itself, and it can take on different colors depending on what you ate the night before. Lucky if it’s clear! Then

Why Your Carpet’s Edges Are Turning Black and How to Restore Them

Ever spotted those pesky gray or black lines along the baseboard edges of your carpet? It’s a classic case of filtration soiling, a common issue in homes with central HVAC systems. Here’s the deal: your carpets work as massive air filters, trapping dust particles. Over time, these particles build up, causing those unsightly lines. In

Cleaning Carpet With Vinegar – Don’t Do It!

Tired of hearing about white distilled vinegar as the holy grail of cleaning solutions? You’re not alone, and I feel your frustration! Let’s get real here – vinegar isn’t the miracle cleaner it’s hyped up to be, and it can be rather underwhelming. And don’t even get me started on baking soda; there are some

How To Fluff Carpet – Make It Look Good!

Got a case of matted or flattened carpet? It’s not the best look, especially if you’re planning to sell your home. But here’s the kicker – beyond aesthetics, fluffed-up carpet is your cleaning ally. A plumped-up carpet allows your vacuum to penetrate the fibers and suck up more debris compared to its flattened counterpart. Plus,

How To Get Human Urine Out Of Carpet

Let’s face it – accidents happen, and sometimes that includes a not-so-pleasant encounter with urine on your carpet. But here’s the silver lining: it’s not a big deal if you’ve got the right tools in your cleaning arsenal. Whether you’re tired of that lingering urine odor or just want to know the best way to

It’s OKAY To Vacuum NEW Carpet Right-Away

The age-old question: “Can you vacuum new carpet?” Back in the day, folks would hesitate, fearing it might harm their fresh carpets. But guess what? Times have changed, and so has the answer! Vacuuming your new carpet is not just okay; it’s actually a smart move today. Say goodbye to those old wives’ tales and

Why Sucking Up Baking Soda Will Ruin Your Vacuum Cleaner

Let’s talk about baking soda, a real MVP in our cleaning toolkit, especially for its odor-busting powers. But here’s a heads-up: it’s not the best match for your vacuum cleaner. Why? Well, when baking soda gets vacuumed up, its fine particles can jam up the works. This means clogged filters, weaker suction, and even potential

What to do – Vacuum Cleaner Smells Like Vomit

Nothing more disgusting then smelling vomit especially when it is coming from your Vacuum Cleaner. You’re probably wondering why your vacuum has this nasty smell and how you can get rid of it. The good new is that we have some helpful tips to get rid of that odor coming from your vacuum cleaner. Do