Misconceptions About Carpet Cleaning [Is It Bad?]

There are plenty of misconceptions about carpet cleaning. People often wonder if it is bad for their carpets, if it ruins carpets, and how often they should have them professionally cleaned. In this post, I’ll answer all of those questions and more! I’ll discuss the safest and best methods for carpet cleaning, as well as … Read more

Can You Clean Upholstery with a Carpet Cleaner?

Can you clean upholstery or other furniture with a carpet cleaner? If you’re talking about the carpet cleaning machines then no. If you’re talking about the spray cleaner then yes and no. The reason why you want to avoid using a carpet cleaning machine on upholstery is that carpets are thicker and need a lot … Read more

How To Remove 19+ Stains From Carpets

There exist many different stains that can make their way to your carpets. Each stain has its own unique properties that require special attention if you want to get it out of the carpet correctly. What we want to do is list off as many stains that can affect your carpets and some of the … Read more