Can a Vacuum Cleaner Replace a Broom? Vacuum vs. Broom

The vacuum cleaner vs. a broom is quite an interesting topic, especially since minimalism has taken off. It’s not just the minimalism of a broom that brings up the question of whether a vacuum cleaner can replace a broom, but to many, a broom just feels like it’s good enough. To some, a vacuum cleaner … Read more

Why Do Vacuum Cleaners Have Headlights?

It seems there is a running joke that vacuum cleaners having headlights is silly and pointless. The truth is that having lights on your vacuum cleaner is quite a helpful feature. The reason why vacuum cleaners have headlights is to reflect dirt, dust, spider webs, and other debris at a lower angle than what the … Read more

Can You Use A Vacuum Cleaner As A Blower?

While a regular vacuum cleaner can suck up dirt, some models of vacuum cleaners can also be used as blowers. Not every vacuum cleaner has a blower setting; in fact, it’s often rare to have for most vacuum cleaners you get for your home. The type of vacuum cleaner that will allow you to suck … Read more

Can You Compost Your Vacuum Cleaners Contents?

It’s such an interesting topic that was recently brought up to me about someone using the dust that your vacuum cleaner collects for compost. Looking into this I found that using the contents from your vacuum cleaner’s dust bin in your compost pile seems to be hotly debated. Some say it’s okay, and others are … Read more

Can a Vacuum Cleaner Interfere With WiFi?

A vacuum cleaner can affect WiFi and other electrical items in your home. Interestingly, it’s not always the WiFi signal that your vacuum cleaner affects but something else that may be the reason your WiFi cuts out when the vacuum cleaner is on. Why Your WiFi Drops When You Vacuum? If your vacuum cleaner is … Read more