I Only Recommend These 5 Shop Vacuums

Shop vacuum cleaners don’t get enough love and attention they deserve with all the power and ability they can give to homeowners. Shop vacuums are not just for garages, businesses and industrial uses, they’re quickly making their way to homes as people learn how great they can be. With the power, ability to suck up

When Do You Need to Use a Bag in Your Shop Vacuum?

From what I’ve gathered through my own experiences, it’s pretty interesting to note that while you don’t always have to use a bag with a shop vacuum—especially when you’re dealing with something like water—opting for one can be a really smart move, particularly with dustier or grittier stuff. Let’s say you’re tackling sawdust, a bit

How Long Do Shop Vacuums Last And What You Can Do To Extend It

You know, from what I’ve seen, a regular shop vacuum, if you look after it well, typically hangs in there for about 3 to 5 years. But hey, it’s not always a hard and fast rule. Some vacuums really surprise you and last way longer, especially if they’re not used all that heavily. Like, if

How To Use Trash Bags In Shop Vacuum [Easy & Cheap]

So, you’re thinking about using a trash bag in your shop vacuum? Cool idea, but there’s a little trick to it. Just popping the trash bag in there as is, well, that’s not going to cut it. If you try it without tweaking things a bit, you’ll find the suction goes kaput in just a

15+ Uses For Shop Vacuums [From Gutters to Pets]

You know, when it comes to tackling those really tough messes around your house, the ones that make your regular vacuum cleaner throw up its hands in defeat, that’s where a shop vac steps in. It’s like the heavyweight champion of clean-ups. One of the coolest things about a shop vacuum is its versatility, especially

Car Vacuum Cleaners Suck, They’re Not Worth It!

Speaking from personal experience, those 12-volt car vacuums? Well, they often fall short of expectations. First off, they seem to have a bit of an identity crisis when it comes to suction power. And, let’s face it, they wear out faster than your patience in traffic. Blame it on the 12-volt car outlet – it’s

Can You Vacuum Bugs & Can They Escape?

Bugs can be a real nuisance, and when it comes to dealing with them, vacuum cleaners can be your best friend. But here’s the burning question: can those creepy crawlies like cockroaches, scorpions, flies, or spiders crawl back out of the vacuum cleaner, or is it game over for them? Well, fear not! We’re diving

Options for Vacuuming Hay – Best Vacuum For Hay

Shop vacuums are like the unsung heroes of cleaning up after pets and kids. Whether it’s hay, bedding, or even the occasional poop mishap, they’ve got it covered, no matter what furry or messy creatures you have in your home! But here’s the catch: not all shop vacuums are created equal. In this discussion, we’re

Best Way To Vacuum A Car Is With A Shop Vacuum! & One Clever Trick!

The internet can be a maze of questionable advice, especially when you’re on the hunt for the “best” vacuum cleaner for your car. I feel your frustration! Let’s set the record straight: those cheap 12-volt vacuum cleaners you often stumble upon won’t cut it. They struggle with crumbs, let alone pet hair. The real car-cleaning

How To Suck Up Water With A Shop Vacuum

Ever wondered how to tackle liquid spills like a pro? Whether it’s water, soda, wine, or even less pleasant substances like urine or feces, a shop vacuum or wet/dry vacuum is your go-to hero. In this post, we’re diving into the art of using a shop vacuum to suck up water and other non-flammable liquids.

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Boats [What Actually Works]

Fun fact – I used to make a living cleaning boats! Not at a fancy detail shop, but at a boat dealership, tackling pontoons, jet boats, bowriders, wake-boats, and more. Now, here’s the juicy part – there’s a vacuum cleaner that’s an absolute game-changer for boat cleaning. It’s not your everyday vacuum, but boy, does

Best Shop Vacuum for Carpet Cleaning

I’ll confess – I’m a big fan of using a Shop Vacuum for my home cleaning needs. It’s like a cleaning superhero that’s hard to go back from once you’ve experienced its power. A shop vacuum, or wet/dry vacuum, is a relentless workhorse. It can suck up just about anything and keep on chugging. If

Shop Vac vs Vacuum Cleaner [Best One For Your Home]

When it comes to tackling heavy-duty messes, shop vacuums have long been the go-to choice for their robust power and versatility. However, traditional household vacuum cleaners offer their own set of advantages. In this post, I want to go into the key differences between shop vacuums and regular vacuum cleaners, helping you make an informed