What’s the Best Robot Vacuum for Long Hair?

Having a robot vacuum is a game-changer for any home, but let’s talk about their Achilles’ heel: hair. Yes, those sleek machines have one tiny weakness.

You see, the magic behind many robot vacuums lies in their rotating beater brushes. They’re like the superheroes of cleaning, but here’s the catch – they absolutely adore getting tangled up in long hair. Whether it’s your flowing locks or your fluffy dog’s fur, it’s like a magnet for these brushes.

So, if you’re in the long hair club (human or furry), finding the right robot vacuum becomes a must. But don’t fret! We’ve got you covered. We’ve scoured the robot vacuum landscape and handpicked the champions when it comes to battling long hair.

Stay tuned for our top picks that’ll keep your home hair-free and your robot vacuum brush-tangle-free!

What Should You Consider When Dealing With Long Hair?

When looking for a robot vacuum that can handle long hair, you want to focus more on the models that don’t use rotating brushes.

It’s the rotating beater brushes under the robot vacuum that will collect the hair and get tangled.

The problem with avoiding robot vacuums with beater brushes is that the brushes work the best for cleaning carpets and rugs. If you don’t have carpet or rugs, then the robot vacuums that only use suction will be your best option.

This Is My Top Picks For The Best Robot Vacuums That Handle Long Hair

1. ILIFE V3s Pro

The ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner is our top pick for the best robot vacuum for when it comes to long hair because it doesn’t have a brush and has a great price.

When you have no brush, the hair doesn’t get tangled.

This robot vacuum uses only suction to clean your floors, so any type of hair won’t stop it.

The V3 also is low profile, so it can get in tight spaces, has 90 to 100 minute run time, and you can schedule to clean, and it will find its way back to the charging station.

For the price and what you get with this robot vacuum, it’s just a great deal, especially when you need it for picking up long human hair off your floors.

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2. Roborock S5 MAX

In second place, and what I currently use for my own home, is the Roborock S5 MAX Robot Vacuum.

I can personally attest to its cleaning ability with pet hair and with the spouse having long hair, it seems to be working just fine.

What I like about this robot vacuum is that I can adjust the suction power, which is what we need when picking up hair. That, and the ability to mop too, is very nice, especially if you have hard floors.

Along with having LiDAR mapping tech, it cleans a lot more thoroughly than other robot vacuums. You even have more control on where it can vacuum or mop, along with when it’s allowed to.

Overall, if you want something that is just an all-around good robot vacuum then this is the one to get, and it will do fine on long hair. 

Just look at my beater brush after a few months of use, it’s doing quite well compared to my Roomba 690.

Roomba 690 Brush Full Of Hair
Roborock S5 Brush Still Clean After Months Of Use

I must say, the Roborock S5 does quite well with long hair!

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3. Shark AV993 IQ

Our last pick for the best robot vacuum for long hair is the Shark AV993 IQ Robot Vacuum.

Shark has been coming on strong with their vacuum cleaners and now robot vacuums.

But what makes this robot vacuum so unique is its self-cleaning beater brush.

It’s the brush that collects all the hair, which affects the cleaning power of your robot vacuum.

With Shark adding this to their robot vacuum, it makes it one of the best ones to use for long human hair or even pet hair.

If you have carpet and don’t need the mopping ability, then the Shark is the best option for you if your main concern is hair.

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Is Pet Hair Or Human Hair The Problem?

Short pet hair that clumps up is not a problem, and just about any robot vacuum will handle that fine.

It’s the long human hair that is a problem for many robot vacuums. The long strands get wrapped around the beater brush and make them less effective at cleaning.

Please Make Sure To Keep Your Roomba Brushes Clean!

Hair, especially long hair, will clog most robot vacuums as shown in the picture below.

The picture above is the rotating brush out of my Roomba 690, and it’s full of long hair. The hair gets wrapped around it so much that you need to cut it free with scissors; some robot vacuums will even come with a tool to cut it free.

The problem with hair wrapping around the brush is that it keeps the bristles from contacting the carpet fibers and thus cleaning your floors better. The brushes of robot vacuums also wear out and when they get matted or shorten over time, they lose their ability to clean effectively.

So it’s important you keep the brushes of your robot vacuum clear.

Some models of robot vacuums are now coming with tangle free brushes to stop the picture above from happening. You can also get some robot vacuums without brushes and never have this issue, but brushes are ideal for cleaning carpets.



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