79 Best Robot Vacuum Names

With robot vacuums becoming more popular the need for a good name has risen too. You don’t want to give your robot some boring name. You want something that stands out. I’ve listed below all the Roomba names I could think of and find on the internet. There is a lot of good ones, some … Read more

5 Robot Vacuums that Work With Alexa and Google Home Assistant

Two things that have taken off like crazy lately have been robot vacuums and personal home assistants like the Google Home and Amazon Alexa. These voice assistants are really popular along with the robot vacuums because they’re great gifts to give during Christmas and birthdays. But what robot vacuums work with each one is still relatively new, … Read more

Multiple Rooms – Can A Robot Vacuum Handle It?

Most of the Robot Vacuums you get today have no trouble with cleaning Multiple Rooms. But there are some that can handle it better than others, let’s talk about it. Multiple Rooms (The Best Options) The iRobot Roomba 980 and the Neato Robotics D7 are one of the best robot vacuums if you’re concerned about … Read more

23 Robot Vacuum Tips and Tricks

Over the years of owning a Robot Vacuum Cleaner, I’ve learned many tips and tricks for using them to clean our home. Some of the robot vacuum tips are obvious but the other ones you might have never heard of. I’ve listed 23 of my favorite robot vacuum/Roomba tips below and hopefully, you find them as … Read more