Your Roomba Doesn’t Need Wi-Fi – How To Use Without The Internet!

Let’s talk about Wi-Fi and Roomba, shall we? Here’s the scoop: Roomba can work perfectly fine without Wi-Fi; it’s not a deal-breaker for its cleaning abilities. However, having Wi-Fi onboard unlocks a world of cool features. Picture this: you can activate your Roomba remotely, set cleaning schedules, receive maintenance reminders, and get timely alerts. It’s

Robot Vacuum Can’t Find Base – How to Fix This

Oh, the frustration of a robot vacuum that acts like it’s on a never-ending expedition, right? It’s especially maddening when your Roomba casually cruises by its home base without a care in the world. But fear not, there’s hope! If you’re dealing with this “lost in your own home” Roomba scenario, I’ve got some handy

Robot Vacuum Won’t Turn on – How to Fix

Imagine this scenario: It’s time to head out for the day, and you bend down to switch on your trusty robot vacuum. But to your surprise, it refuses to come to life. Even the app you use won’t revive it; the darn thing is completely unresponsive! No worries, I’ve got your back. Here are some

Can A Robot Vacuum Work In The Dark?

Ever wondered if your robot vacuum can operate in the dark? Well, here’s the scoop: it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Most robot vacuums are like nocturnal cleaning ninjas and can work just fine in total darkness. But hold on, there’s a twist! Some models rely on cameras for navigation, and they crave a

[9 Reasons] Why Roomba Robot Vacuum Is Not Charging

The most common reasons why a robot vacuum won’t charge are listed below. Let me go over each one and what you can do to get your robot vacuum charging again. 1. Dirty Charging Contacts The most common reason I see with robot vacuums not charging is because they have dirty charging contacts. It’s most

Robot Vacuum Lifespan – How To Extend It!

Ever wondered how long your trusty robot vacuum will stick around? Well, it’s like this: with some tender loving care, most robo-cleaners can keep chugging along for a solid 4 to 6 years. But here’s the twist: if you’ve opted for a budget-friendly, no-name bot, you might not get that longevity. Brands like iRobot, RoboRock,

Yes, It’s Worth it. Buy That Roomba! Just Look At This Pic!

Before I answer if Roomba’s and other robot vacuums are worth it, I want you to look at this picture. Also, this picture… If you don’t consider picking up that much stuff off the floors impressive (carpeted floors that is) then a robot vacuum won’t be worth it for you. If these pictures excite you,

(Testing The Idea) Robot Vacuum Has Replaced My Regular Vacuum

We’ve all heard the age-old adage: “A robot vacuum can’t replace your trusty old vacuum cleaner.” I’ve been on board with that wisdom for years. But lately, I’ve been having some second thoughts. Is it really true in this day and age? Honestly, I’d never put it to the test before. The logic seemed sound:

(1,000+) Robot Vacuum Names – Unlimited & Unique

Ah, the trusty robot vacuum, a real home helper. But here’s the fun part: what on earth do you name your cleaning buddy? Do you lean towards a cool movie reference, go all out with something silly, or perhaps embrace the quirkiness with a touch of gross humor? The possibilities are endless! But wait, here’s

Robot Vacuums Can Handle Multiple Rooms Just Fine

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of robot vacuums and their multi-room cleaning prowess! These days, most robot vacuums can handle the challenge of cleaning multiple rooms without breaking a sweat. But here’s the twist: some are real champions in this department, while others might need a bit of extra guidance. So, grab a comfy

23 Must-Know Robot Vacuum Tips

Ever wondered if there’s a magic formula to supercharge your robot vacuum? Picture having a trusty helper that not only sweeps your floors, but does it with mind-blowing efficiency. Robot vacuums have evolved dramatically over the past decade, surprising us with self-emptying features and even mop attachments. But here’s the scoop: they’re not flawless, and

My Take and Review on the Roomba 690

I’m a huge fan of robot vacuums and often talk about them and how they can benefit people on this site. I’ve had many and tried many brands, some were great, but many were terrible. I always come back to Roomba and like how they handle things. I picked up a Roomba 690 to test

Robot Vacuums For The Elderly [Tips & Best Options]

Get ready to explore why a robot vacuum cleaner is a brilliant choice, especially for our beloved elderly folks. We’re about to uncover the fantastic perks that come with these robotic wonders. But here’s the twist – I won’t just talk the talk; I’ll walk the walk by sharing my personal experiences and the reasons

This Is How Often You NEED To Vacuum Under Your Bed

Not many people know or realize this, but you should be vacuuming under your beds at least twice a month, if not more! I know it’s not common or what most people think to do when vacuuming, but it’s a big deal. Not only does dust collect under your bed but food, hair, dander and