Are Roombas Worth It?

Before I answer if Roombas and other robot vacuums are worth it I want you to look at this picture. Also this picture… If you don’t consider picking up that much stuff off the floors impressive (carpeted floors that is) then a robot vacuum won’t be worth it for you. If these pictures excite you, … Read more

Robot Vacuum For Stairs – Do They Exist?

When you talk about robot vacuums as much as I do it always ends up with someone asking about a robot vacuum that can clean the stairs. There is so much interest in this idea of vacuuming stairs, or I should say not vacuuming stairs, that people are eager for a robot to do it. … Read more

[Should I Buy?] Tesvor Robot Vacuum Cleaner X500 Review

There is a lot of options for when it comes to robot vacuums these days. You might be familiar with Roomba or even Neato but what about Tesvor? Tesvor has a great little robot vacuum that works well and can fit many people’s needs. Some might say it’s even better than past Roomba’s they had. … Read more

79 Best Robot Vacuum Names

With robot vacuums becoming more popular the need for a good name has risen too. You don’t want to give your robot some boring name. You want something that stands out. I’ve listed below all the Roomba names I could think of and find on the internet. There is a lot of good ones, some … Read more