Will a Robot Vacuum Set off House Alarm?

I recently got a good question about alarm systems and if a robot vacuum will trigger them. This is one of those things you don’t think much about until it hits you when trying to leave your home and the robot vacuum is running. Will The Robot Vacuum Set Off The Home Alarm? Yes, but

[10-Steps] How To Clean A Roomba That Ran Over Poop

There was a video that circulated the internet where someone’s robot vacuum running over dog poop, and it smeared it all over the home. It was gross and everyone had a good laugh because something like this would never happen to us. Well… I thought the same thing and then one day it happen to

How To Replace Roomba Battery

It’s recommended you replace your Roomba battery every 2 years to keep it running as it should. While the process is super simple, there is not a lot of useful info showing you how to do it. This guide will walk you through the steps to replacing your Roomba battery along with other tips. What

Does A Roomba Need Wi-Fi? [Or Smartphone?]

In the era of smart homes and interconnected devices, it’s no surprise that even our vacuum cleaners have joined the digital revolution. Enter the Roomba, a popular brand of robotic vacuum cleaners known for their autonomous cleaning capabilities. With their sleek design and advanced features, Roomba’s has become a household name. However, a common question

Robot Vacuum Can’t Find Base – How to Fix This

A problem you may encounter with your robot vacuum is one that will wander around until its battery finally gives out without making it back home. It can be super annoying when the Roomba even passes it’s home base and still won’t go to it. Here are the things you can do if your robot

Robot Vacuum Won’t Turn on – How to Fix

If your robot vacuum won’t turn on, then we have some tips for you to try. These tips won’t be hard to do so let’s begin troubleshooting why your robot vacuum won’t turn on. 1. Make Sure Your Robot Vacuum Charging Base Is Fine We’ll start with making sure your robot vacuum or Roomba’s charging

Can a Robot Vacuum Work in the Dark?

Can a robot vacuum work in the dark? It depends. While most robot vacuums can work in complete darkness, there are a few that need light so the camera can see where to go. For the robot vacuums without cameras, some have issues with getting too much light from the Sun and it could confuse

[9 Reasons] Why Roomba Robot Vacuum Is Not Charging

There are simple and easy fixes for a Roomba robot vacuum that won’t charge or can’t find its home base. In this post, I’ll go over the many reasons why your robot vacuum that won’t charge. Why Your Roomba Won’t Charge The most common reasons why a robot vacuum won’t charge are listed below. Let

How Long Do Robot Vacuums Last – and How to Make Them Last

In today’s fast-paced world, robot vacuums have become indispensable household companions, effortlessly doing mundane tasks like cleaning our floors. However, like any technology, they have a limited lifespan that can be influenced by many things. Whether you’re a proud owner of a robot vacuum or considering investing in one, understanding how to extend its lifespan

Are Roombas Worth It?

Before I answer if Roombas and other robot vacuums are worth it I want you to look at this picture. Also this picture… If you don’t consider picking up that much stuff off the floors impressive (carpeted floors that is) then a robot vacuum won’t be worth it for you. If these pictures excite you,

Robot Vacuum For Stairs [Go UP & DOWN Stairs]

Robot vacuums have become more popular than they ever have before, especially with new advances in tech, features and Ai, they’re doing things people never thought possible. If you asked me 20 years ago that we would have self-emptying robot vacuums, I would have laughed, but have them now; I would have the same expression

(Testing The Idea) Robot Vacuum Has Replaced My Regular Vacuum

The saying goes “a robot vacuum cleaner is not meant to replace your normal vacuum cleaner“. I’ve even posted about this and agreed with this idea for years. But now I’m starting to wonder if this is even true anymore. To be honest I never really tested it out as it made sense that a

(1,000+) Robot Vacuum Names – Unlimited & Unique

With robot vacuums becoming more popular the need for a good name has risen too. You don’t want to give your robot some boring name. You want something that stands out! I’ve listed below all the classic Roomba names and made a random name generator to give you endless possibilities of names to pick from.

5 Robot Vacuums that Work With Alexa and Google Home Assistant

Two things that have taken off like crazy lately have been robot vacuums and personal home assistants like the Google Home and Amazon Alexa. These voice assistants are really popular along with the robot vacuums because they’re great gifts to give during Christmas and birthdays. But what robot vacuums work with each one is still relatively new,

Multiple Rooms – Can A Robot Vacuum Handle It?

Most of the Robot Vacuums you get today have no trouble with cleaning Multiple Rooms. But there are some that can handle it better than others, let’s talk about it. Multiple Rooms (The Best Options) The iRobot Roomba 981 and the Neato Robotics D7 are one of the best robot vacuums if you’re concerned about

23 Tips and Tricks For Robot Vacuums

Over the years of owning a robot vacuum, I’ve discovered several tips that make your life so much better. We’re talking downright simple, but effective, tips and tricks for your Roomba or other robot vacuums! 1. Charge Your Robot Vacuum Overnight When You First Get It When you first get your new robot vacuum, you

My Take and Review on the Roomba 690

I’m a huge fan of robot vacuums and often talk about them and how they can benefit people on this site. I’ve had many and tried many brands, some were great, but many were terrible. I always come back to Roomba and like how they handle things. I picked up a Roomba 690 to test

Can A Robot Vacuum Replace A Regular Vacuum?

Is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner going to replace your regular vacuum cleaner? NO, but it sure does get close. Robot Vacuums have come a long way since they were first released to the public. A Robot Vacuum is not meant for everyone. Often, if you need to ask if a Robot Vacuum is a suitable

Robot Vacuums For The Elderly [Tips & Best Options]

Vacuuming can be quite the chore, and as we age, it becomes even more challenging. However, to alleviate this task, there has been a growing trend of people opting for robot vacuums, which, in my opinion, are ideal for individuals who are unable to use a traditional vacuum cleaner. In this article, I will delve

How Often Should You Vacuum Under the Bed?

Not many people know or realize this, but you should be vacuuming under your beds at least twice a month, if not more! I know it’s not common or what most people think to do when vacuuming, but it’s a big deal. Not only does dust collect under your bed but food, hair, dander and