How To Keep Vacuum Cleaner From Messing With Your WIFI

It might sound surprising, but yes, a vacuum cleaner can interfere with Wi-Fi and other electronic devices in your home. In my experience, it’s quite puzzling when you first encounter this. While you might immediately think it’s the Wi-Fi signal being directly disrupted by the vacuum, there might be another underlying cause leading to your

Thresholds Limits For Robot Vacuums & Tips To Get Over Them

Robot vacuums, like the trusty iRobot Roomba, are built to handle a variety of obstacles with finesse. They can gracefully conquer ramps, inclines, bumps, and various thresholds, making them versatile cleaning warriors. Now, when it comes to the Roomba’s threshold-tackling superpower, it can comfortably handle obstacles up to 5/8 inches or approximately 15.8mm in height.

Can I Use My Roomba in the Garage?

You can unleash your trusty robot vacuum on your garage floor, but there are a few ground rules. Robot vacuums like the Roomba are typically designed for indoor use and may not be garage warriors. Here’s the deal-breaker: steer clear if your garage floor is a mess of oil spills, puddles, or scattered heavy metal

It Cost More To Run A Robot Vacuum, But It’s Worth It

Do robot vacuums use a lot of power

Before writing this, the typical example I’ve found was that a Roomba takes 3 hours to charge and uses 30 watts when charging. At 10 cents a kilowatt, that would be $0.13 a month in energy cost. I wanted to test this myself and found that these numbers are off and don’t factor in idle

It’s Best You Don’t Plug Your Vacuum Into A Powerstrip

When it comes to power strips and vacuum cleaners, it’s a no-go. Plugging your vacuum cleaner into a power strip or an extension cord may seem like a quick solution, but it’s a risky move you should steer clear of. Why, you ask? Well, here’s the scoop: Vacuum cleaners draw a lot of power, and

Here’s How Your Roomba May Trigger Home Alarm System

I recently got a good question about alarm systems and if a robot vacuum will trigger them. This is one of those things you don’t think much about until it hits you when trying to leave your home and the robot vacuum is running. Will The Robot Vacuum Set Off The Home Alarm? Yes, but

[10-Steps] How To Clean A Roomba That Ran Over Poop

There was a video that circulated the internet where someone’s robot vacuum running over dog poop, and it smeared it all over the home. It was gross and everyone had a good laugh because something like this would never happen to us. Well… I thought the same thing and then one day it happen to

How To Replace Roomba Battery In Six Easy Steps

Keeping your Roomba in tip-top shape is essential, and one way to do that is by replacing its battery every 2 years. It’s like giving your trusty robot vacuum a refreshing energy boost! Now, here’s the thing: the process is surprisingly straightforward, but finding a helpful guide can be a bit tricky. Lucky for you,

Your Roomba Doesn’t Need Wi-Fi – How To Use Without The Internet!

Let’s talk about Wi-Fi and Roomba, shall we? Here’s the scoop: Roomba can work perfectly fine without Wi-Fi; it’s not a deal-breaker for its cleaning abilities. However, having Wi-Fi onboard unlocks a world of cool features. Picture this: you can activate your Roomba remotely, set cleaning schedules, receive maintenance reminders, and get timely alerts. It’s

Robot Vacuum Can’t Find Base – How to Fix This

Oh, the frustration of a robot vacuum that acts like it’s on a never-ending expedition, right? It’s especially maddening when your Roomba casually cruises by its home base without a care in the world. But fear not, there’s hope! If you’re dealing with this “lost in your own home” Roomba scenario, I’ve got some handy

Robot Vacuum Won’t Turn on – How to Fix

Imagine this scenario: It’s time to head out for the day, and you bend down to switch on your trusty robot vacuum. But to your surprise, it refuses to come to life. Even the app you use won’t revive it; the darn thing is completely unresponsive! No worries, I’ve got your back. Here are some

Best Vacuum for Bird Owners

Birds can get a little messy at times, and I’m shocked by the lack of people talking about the best vacuums for birds online. Not only that, but not answering the most common questions like… All these questions and more will be answered! The Very Best Option Everyone has their opinion, but for me, the

Can A Robot Vacuum Work In The Dark?

Ever wondered if your robot vacuum can operate in the dark? Well, here’s the scoop: it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Most robot vacuums are like nocturnal cleaning ninjas and can work just fine in total darkness. But hold on, there’s a twist! Some models rely on cameras for navigation, and they crave a

[9 Reasons] Why Roomba Robot Vacuum Is Not Charging

The most common reasons why a robot vacuum won’t charge are listed below. Let me go over each one and what you can do to get your robot vacuum charging again. 1. Dirty Charging Contacts The most common reason I see with robot vacuums not charging is because they have dirty charging contacts. It’s most

Robot Vacuum Lifespan – How To Extend It!

Ever wondered how long your trusty robot vacuum will stick around? Well, it’s like this: with some tender loving care, most robo-cleaners can keep chugging along for a solid 4 to 6 years. But here’s the twist: if you’ve opted for a budget-friendly, no-name bot, you might not get that longevity. Brands like iRobot, RoboRock,

Yes, It’s Worth it. Buy That Roomba! Just Look At This Pic!

Before I answer if Roomba’s and other robot vacuums are worth it, I want you to look at this picture. Also, this picture… If you don’t consider picking up that much stuff off the floors impressive (carpeted floors that is) then a robot vacuum won’t be worth it for you. If these pictures excite you,

(Testing The Idea) Robot Vacuum Has Replaced My Regular Vacuum

We’ve all heard the age-old adage: “A robot vacuum can’t replace your trusty old vacuum cleaner.” I’ve been on board with that wisdom for years. But lately, I’ve been having some second thoughts. Is it really true in this day and age? Honestly, I’d never put it to the test before. The logic seemed sound:

The Best Steam Mop For Pet Urine And Stains

puppy kitten tile needs to be clean with steam mop

Pet urine is a fact of life when you get a cat or dog. And boy is it a chore to clean up. Not only do you need to clean it up, but you have to be careful of what cleaners you use. If you use a cleaner not meant for pets, you could make

(1,000+) Robot Vacuum Names – Unlimited & Unique

Ah, the trusty robot vacuum, a real home helper. But here’s the fun part: what on earth do you name your cleaning buddy? Do you lean towards a cool movie reference, go all out with something silly, or perhaps embrace the quirkiness with a touch of gross humor? The possibilities are endless! But wait, here’s