Here’s How Your Roomba May Trigger Home Alarm System

I recently got a good question about alarm systems and if a robot vacuum will trigger them.

This is one of those things you don’t think much about until it hits you when trying to leave your home and the robot vacuum is running.

Will The Robot Vacuum Set Off The Home Alarm?

Yes, but also no.

I hate giving answers like that, but it’s not so cut and dry.

A robot vacuum will trigger older alarm systems. Newer alarm systems are smart enough to detect things like robot vacuums and pets.

You also have to factor in who installed the alarm system. If a home has pets, the alarm installer will raise the sensors so that small things like pets and robot vacuums won’t trigger them.

It might not even be the robot vacuum that sets the alarm off, but it bumping into a door or knocking something over that trips the alarm. So many factors to consider.

Ring Alarm System Is The Same

Yes, robot vacuums can trigger Ring Alarm Systems.

Most of the time, Ring is smart enough to know better, but when a robot vacuum bumps into a door, it can confuse the alarm and trigger it.

Bonus Tip: If you use any security camera or alarm system, the best tip I can give you is to use a password that is unique to that account. Never reuse a password from another account, as that is how hackers get in.

Mop Robots or Scoobas

The mopping robots will suffer the same issues as robot vacuums.

They can trigger older alarms or cheaper model alarm systems.

Alarm Systems That Won’t Go Off With Robot Vacuum

Stick to alarm systems that use infrared or heat to detect motion.

A robot vacuum won’t give off much heat, no more than a small pet, which many of these alarm systems are smart enough to ignore.

Alarms that purely go off movement will pick up robot vacuums. If this is the type of alarm you have try aiming the alarm sensor up a little to keep it from picking up short things like robot vacuums.

This should become less of a problem in the future as we now have alarm systems that are smart enough to pick up human shapes. As this tech gets better, this will, for sure, be less of a problem.

Tip: If your alarm system allows it, don’t set the motion sensitivity too high. Stick to low to medium. Some trial and error may be needed to see what sensitivity doesn’t trigger your alarm with the robot vacuum.

Should You Even Run The Robot Vacuum When You’re Not Home?

I know many people get a robot vacuum to work while they’re away, but I suggest you don’t do that.

Trust me, I used to run the robot vacuum when I was away, too, as I hated the sound.

Even the smartest robot vacuums get into trouble, and I found myself always getting a message on the app when I was away that the robot was stuck. And since I’m not home and it did not complete the job, I would have to run it when I got back so the whole point of running while away is pointless.

Keep In Mind!

Please, keep in mind that your robot vacuum is for in-between cleanings.

Your robot vacuum is not meant to replace your regular vacuum.

I get way too many people used to their robot vacuum and forget to clean with a real vacuum cleaner. Months later, they start to notice their allergies get worse. I ask when was the last time they used a real vacuum, and they plum forgot they even had one.

Robot vacuums are not ready to replace real vacuum cleaners. Even regular vacuum cleaners are not prepared to replace good vacuums, watch this video to see what I’m talking about.

You still need to clean your home with a good vacuum cleaner every now and then. A robot vacuum is not a replacement for your normal vacuum cleaner.



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