Robot Vacuum Not Charging – How to Fix Roomba

A Roomba robot vacuum that won’t charge or find its base charging station is a simple fix.

The contacts on the robot vacuum and base charging station are dirty and need to be cleaned. Let me show you how.

These instructions focus on iRobot Roomba Vacuums but will also work for other robot vacuums.

If your robot vacuum is not charging, you’ll need to clean the charger connections on the Roomba and base station with a clean and damp paper towel to remove all the gunk that has built up over time. 

Let us show you how step by step below.

Step 1. Unplug Base Charging Station.

Unplug the base charging station.

Step 2. Flip the Robot Vacuum Over.

Place the robot vacuum upside down and next to the charging base station.

Step 3. Clean the Contacts.

With a damp paper towel, clean the metal contacts that the arrows are pointing to.

If the contacts are really dirty a light scrubbing with steel wool can help.

The underside of the robot vacuum and the top side of the base station get dusty over time – don’t forget to wipe them down too.

Step 4. Base Station Contacts Need to Be Springy

The base station contacts need to move up and down. If they’re stuck in one position and wiggling them does not set them free you’ll need a new base station charger.

You can buy base station chargers for Roombas on Amazon here*.

Still Not Charging?

If your robot vacuum is still not taking a charge, leave the base station unplugged for 2 hours. Also, leave the robot vacuum not connected to anything for two hours too.

If that does not work, disconnect the battery and let the robot vacuum sit disconnected for two more hours.

If your robot vacuum is simply not turning on at all, give these tips a try.

Robot Vacuum Over Two Years Old or Still Not Charging?

If your robot vacuum is over two years old or the above advice did not work, you’ll need to replace the battery.

You can expect the battery to last about 2 years.

Here is how to replace the battery.

The constant cycling of the battery and with many people running their robot vacuums daily it’s common for the battery to wear out and not want to take a charge.

You can find replacement batteries at Amazon like this one here*.

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  1. This was a huge help! I found out something sticky was on the metal charging pads of the bot. A little bit of rubbing alcohol with a qtip and it was fixed.


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