Yes, It’s Worth it. Buy That Roomba! Just Look At This Pic!

Before I answer if Roomba’s and other robot vacuums are worth it, I want you to look at this picture.

Also, this picture…

If you don’t consider picking up that much stuff off the floors impressive (carpeted floors that is) then a robot vacuum won’t be worth it for you. If these pictures excite you, then read on for more reasons why getting a robot vacuum is worth it.

Why Robot Vacuums Sucked? (In a Bad Way)

Let’s just be honest, robot vacuums really used to suck. We are talking before 2010 when these things were just gimmicks. 

No better word describes the earliest robot vacuums than the word “gimmick.” 

They barely cleaned and just were loud, dumb bots. 

Nowadays, it’s a night and day difference. I remember my first Roomba and how much I hated how it barely cleaned the floors. Today, my current one has fully replaced my regular vacuum cleaner.

Yes, you have heard that right! I only use my robot vacuum to clean my home. And yes, I’ve done the test to prove that my Roomba 690 does pick up most of the dirt my regular vacuum would get.

The Things You Forget About

I’m not going to point out the obvious things, like other websites do about robot vacuums. For example, they’re autonomous, great for pet hair, HEPA Filter this or that, and other pre-program thoughts you’ve already heard. 

I want to point out the things you don’t realize that a Roomba can do for you. 

Under the Bed

The first thing, and this is a big one as you’ll soon see, is that a robot vacuum is the best thing for cleaning under your bed. The reason why this is such a big deal is if you look at the pictures at the start of this post, I took those after my robot vacuum was done cleaning my bedroom and also under my bed. 

I’m not a dirty person, and the fact is that I don’t have anything under my bed. Not only that, but I also run the Roomba under the bed EVERY SINGLE WEEK

If this is happening to me, I bet you, it’s just as bad for you. All that dust and junk is just sitting under the thing you spend 1/3 your life on. 

I’m guessing the reason why so much dust gets stuck under the bed is because it’s big and no one ever cleaning under it. It’s the perfect place for dirt and dust to get trapped since it covers so much area. 

Set It and Forget It

This is a big one for me. Our lives are so busy these days that finding the time to vacuum is… well… a chore. 

That is what’s so great about robot vacuums, you can let it run while you do something else. I have my running as I’m typing this right now. 

Or that time I spilled rice all over my kitchen floor. Usually, this is a non-issue, and you get the broom out and clean it up. But what if you have a lot of commotion going on with 4 other things on the stove going that need your attention? This is the moments where you realize a robot vacuum is worth it. 

It’s Not You

Not saying there is anything wrong with you, but you are human (or at least I think you are). 

We, humans, are very predictable beings. This means we constantly clean the same way. Ever notice when you get out the vacuum cleaner that you keep in the same place, you plug it into the same wall outlet each time. Not only that, but you start at the same corner and go in the same direction through your home?

On the surface, this seems reasonable, but what you’re doing is missing some spots. Going in the same direction and not mixing it up a bit can also keep dirt trapped in the carpet fibers. 

Do you know who mixes it up and doesn’t clean the same as a human? A robot. 

The random cleaning is something you see more in the affordable robot vacuums, and one of the reasons I say buy those instead. The fancy ones are still pretty random, but they have ‘vision’ which can chart the room layout and is more thorough, but random to me is more vital. 

This random cleaning means the robot is going over the same spot more than once in multiple directions. This allows the dirt that didn’t get sucked up the first time to get unhooked from the fibers in a different direction. 

Let’s not forget the little corners, and under the furniture, you can’t get to or even forget about. It’s also the little, random things we don’t realize we’re doing or not doing. Like cleaning under the bed, we may not have understood it, or it simply slipped our mind. A bit of a side note, this is so common not to do something so obvious that it reminds me of this Reddit post of a guy who did not realize you could let the shower warm-up before you get in.

What Are the Downsides?

I can’t talk about how great robot vacuums are without telling you the downsides. 

The first downside is that they can’t do stairs. I go into more details about this here. 

Another downside is that they have less suction, but as you saw from the pictures at the top of this post, that doesn’t stop them from cleaning. This actually leads down a rabbit hole that, for some reason, people think a loud vacuum cleans better than a quiet one. Loud vacuums are a sales gimmick and don’t mean anything, so I guess this is not even a downside if you think about it. 

The last downside will be that they can only clean areas that are not congested. If you have a bunch of stuff on the floor like shoes, cables, or other small items it can keep the bot from cleaning as well as it should. I cover tips and tricks you can do to get cables and other items away from your robot vacuum.



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