Best Vacuum for the Elderly is a Robot Vacuum

Vacuuming is not a fun task, and it gets harder as we get older. To help with this chore, there has been an increase in people getting Robot Vacuums which I think are perfect for anyone who can’t use a regular vacuum.

I want to go over why a robot vacuum cleaner is perfect for the elderly, and its many perks. I also want to show you which one I prefer and why. I hope this little guide will show you why it’s a smart buy.

How A Robot Vacuum Can Help The Elderly

  • Vacuums are hard to push, while a robot vacuum moves on its own.
  • Perfect for anyone who has Arthritis or other body pains.
  • Easy to store and lightweight too.
  • You can schedule the robot vacuum to clean in case you’re forgetful.
  • Makes the chore so much easier to do and automated.
  • Furniture can be too heavy to move if you’re elderly but many robot vacuums can clean under that furniture for you.
  • The robot vacuum can work while you do other things like watch TV.
  • Robot vacuums are nicer than a maid or at least won’t have to pay them like a maid each time. Plus, you don’t have a stranger in your home.
  • Robot vacuums are fun to watch. No joke – these things are amazing!
  • Many people even treat them as pets since they still need to be cleaned, canisters emptied and can get into trouble in odd places.

If you don’t vacuum under your bed I recommend you start doing so; I have a post here that goes into more details why you should.

Perks of a Robot Vacuum

Vacuuming is a chore and not a fun one when you suffer from aches and pains that an ordinary vacuum cleaner would give you. Many people, not only the elderly, are finding out how great robot vacuums are these days.

A robot vacuum cleaner can be put on a schedule to clean while you go and do something else. Robot vacuums are lightweight which makes it easy to pick them up and empty the canisters of dust and dirt.

Sometimes you don’t have the money for a maid to come or maybe you don’t want a stranger in your home cleaning. That is a great reason why a robot vacuum can be a better option. I’ve seen people even treat them as a pet and name them which is great and less threatening than a stranger you don’t know in your home.

This may sound crazy, but you’ll notice that it is fun to watch these little guys work. It’s like we live in the future as this little robot vacuum navigates and cleans your home.

What To Buy

A robot vacuum sounds perfect especially if you’re getting it for an elderly parent or friend. But the next question you might have is which one do you buy?

There has been a massive explosion of robot vacuums here lately, but I’ve come to love the Neato brand.

Just like all the other robot vacuum makers, Neato has several different models that can suit each person’s needs.

My personal favorite is the Neato Botvac D3 here. (Amazon Link Ad)

The “D” Shape of Neato vacuums is one of the key features of why I keep coming back to them. The front is flat and wide which allows it to get into wall corners. The rear is rounded for when it rotates it’s less likely to hit something.

With any robot vacuum, it’s important that it’s easy to use. The Neato Botvac D3 can be started with one simple button, put on a schedule, or launched with a phone app.

The Neato also uses lasers for navigation, and I’ve found that the way it moves is far better than the random patterns that other robot vacuums do. The Neato seems to clean more methodically which to me it appears it cleans a whole room better and quicker. The little guy will even return home to charge and once charged it will continue where it left off to make sure the floor is cleaned.

Other Neato Robot Vacuum Models to Consider…

Neato Botvac D8 (Amazon Link Ad)

Neato Botvac D10 (Amazon Link Ad)

Keep In Mind

When shopping for a robot vacuum make sure to stick to ones that are simple. No need to complicate things. Look for one that is a simple push of a button to start. Also, find one that you can schedule and one that returns home to charge.

If possible get a robot vacuum that works with your phone as an app. You can get notifications if it gets stuck and it makes scheduling the robot vacuum so much easier.

The first few days of using a robot vacuum can be tricky. You’ll have to watch it and understand where it gets stuck. Fix where it gets stuck and you’ll have less to worry about when you vacuum again.


Robot vacuums do require some maintenance, but it’s still better than vacuuming with a large vacuum cleaner.

It’s not perfect

I would not expect a robot vacuum to be a replacement to a standard vacuum cleaner. A robot vacuum can’t as of yet clean the stairs and other hard to reach areas.

But a robot vacuum does work ideally for daily cleaning of dirt and hair that all homes floors collect. For the stairs, walls, and furniture it might be worth it to also get a vacuum like the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum (Amazon Link Ad).

Another option is my favorite, get a shop vacuum like this here (Amazon Link Ad). I love shop vacuums as my secondary vacuum cleaner around the home as they work great to suck up pet hair, mud, water messes, and even broken glass. You never know what stuff you’ll run into and having a good shop vacuum is great to clean up the messes that you wouldn’t clean with your good vacuum.

Another perk of many shop vacuums is that many have wheels that make it easy to move around. You also have a hose that is easy to handle too. A shop vacuum is a great option for anyone who can’t hold up a regular size vacuum and also need to clean up many odd messes from spilled drinks to clumps of mud.