Robot Vacuums Can Handle Multiple Rooms Just Fine

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of robot vacuums and their multi-room cleaning prowess!

These days, most robot vacuums can handle the challenge of cleaning multiple rooms without breaking a sweat. But here’s the twist: some are real champions in this department, while others might need a bit of extra guidance.

So, grab a comfy seat, and let’s chat about which robot vacuums are the true multi-room maestros and what sets them apart from the rest. Get ready for an eye-opening exploration into the world of robotic home cleaning!

Multiple Rooms (The Best Options)

The iRobot Roomba 981 (Amazon Link Ad) and the Neato Robotics D7 (Amazon Link Ad) are one of the best robot vacuums if you’re concerned about multiple room cleanings.

What you want to be on the lookout for multiple room cleaning robots is if it will go home to charge and then pick back up where it left off. This is a huge deal, especially if you have a large home.

It’s amazing how smart these robot vacuums are when it comes to cleaning and are among the best if you ask me. But there are other options…

Other Options (Cheaper)

I personally use a Roomba 690 (Amazon Link Ad) for my everyday cleaning of my home. It’s not as smart as the Roomba 980, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good machine.

In fact, my 690 has no issues going from my living room to the kitchen to the hallway into the bedroom. Even though its movements are more random, it has an hour to clean and has no trouble finding multiple rooms.

The most prominent reason why I got this model was that it was more random in its movement. I feel that random movements allow it to clean the same spot multiple times in many different directions, which helps to keep the floor cleaner.

The worse thing we do when we use a regular vacuum is getting in a pattern of cleaning the same way in the same direction all the time – this helps to trap dirt over time because it goes into places you don’t clean.

Open Floor Plans

If your home is more of an open floor plan where there is more than one way to get into a room, you might have some issues with the super-smart robot vacuums. It would be best to use a Lighthouse or the blockers to keep the robot vacuum from going through one of the two doors.

If the bot enters through one door and leaves through another door, even if it’s in the same room again, it will consider it a new room. They’re smart, but not smart enough yet to understand that a room can have many ways to get into it.



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