This Is How Often You NEED To Vacuum Under Your Bed

Not many people know or realize this, but you should be vacuuming under your beds at least twice a month, if not more!

I know it’s not common or what most people think to do when vacuuming, but it’s a big deal. Not only does dust collect under your bed but food, hair, dander and so much more gets trapped. It’s also a large area for debris or bugs to collect at and may make you sick.

Find out the best routine to clean under your bed, how to do it, and most importantly how to do it SIMPLY without making it another thing.

How Often To Vacuum Under Your Bed?

Ideally, you should vacuum under your bed twice a month. Once a week is better, or at least once a month if you can’t do it as often.

It’s not the end of the world if you can’t vacuum or dust under your bed, but over time, the dust, bugs and dirt that collects under your bed is not helping you or your home.

Why You Need To…

It may seem obvious why you should vacuum or dust under your bed, but there are more not so obvious reasons why you need to do it that I want to go over below.

  • Dust
  • Dust mite breeding ground, especially if carpeted under your bed.
  • Lint
  • Food crumbs – this attracts the bugs.
  • Dead bugs – plenty of areas to hide if no one is cleaning it often.
  • Dirt from shoes and feet get kicked under the bed.
  • Pet toys – the drool, food and waste that may be attached to the toy, attracts bugs, bacteria and dust.
  • Trash – Even the cleanest of people have food wrappers that fall through the cracks or kids put it there and that food wrapper attracts bugs and bacteria!

All this stuff can affect people who suffer from asthma or start to damage furniture and flooring due to the bugs and gunk that builds up.

Just think about it, you’re spending hours sleeping above this nasty stuff, it makes sense to clean it every so often. Would you sleep on a pile of dust, I bet not, but many people are, without realizing it because they don’t vacuum under their beds.

How To

Vacuuming and cleaning under your bed is simpler than most people realize, but it may require a good once over to get you going in the right direction.

Dyson stick vacuum cleaner reaching under bed with laser light

Here are the steps to make vacuuming under your bed easy. Note: If you have a robot vacuum, skip to the next section.

  1. Remove all things under your bed, and keep from putting stuff under your bed. We’ll talk more about this down below.
  2. Get your vacuum cleaner as low as it goes and clean under the bed as far as it can reach.
  3. Using the extension wands of the vacuum cleaner, go after all the other areas your vacuum cleaner could not reach.
  4. If possible, have someone help you move the bed to get the deepest clean possible. No need to do this all the time, just once if you never cleaned under your bed before.

Vacuuming under furniture is one of the reasons why vacuum cleaners have headlights, it’s not to see under the furniture but to point out the dirt because of how the light is angled. The light also points out spider webs and other bugs to make cleaning more effective.

Clean With A Robot Vacuum

If you own a robot vacuum cleaner, then let it loose in the room to clean under the bed.

Using a robot vacuum is the easiest thing you can use to clean under your bed. You will need to make sure nothing is under the bed, and the robot vacuum can fit under the bed too.

If you don’t own a robot vacuum, then I highly suggest getting one, they’re quite affordable these days and a huge help cleaning under things like beds, sofas and all the other items your regular vacuum cleaner can’t reach.

Avoid Items Under Bed!

I know this is a hard one for many, but it’s best to avoid keeping items under your bed.

The more stuff you keep under your bed, the more crevices and things to trap dirt and gunk. These things can trap dander, pollen, dust, dirt and so much more, and you’re sleeping for 8 hours above it, it’s just not the best thing to do.

If you must store things under your bed, then use sealed containers, flat containers like this here (Amazon Link Ad), so you can easily pull them out, dust them off and clean under your bed.

Dusting Mop

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum or if you have hardwood floors under your bed, you may want a different option.

Another option is an electric sweeper (Amazon Link Ad) or, if you have hardwood floors, a long handle dust mop (Amazon Link Ad). Before I put a rug under my bed, I loved using a dust mop because it’s quick and easy compared to vacuuming. But I needed a rug because the bed moved too much on the hardwood floors, I sure do miss the ease of the duster.

Here is a great video showing you how to use a dust mop if you never used one before.

If you have hardwood floors, they do make robot mops or robot vacuums that have a mop attachment/duster. These robot mops don’t use harsh chemicals, most often they only say to put clean water in their tanks.

A robot mop will be a great option for someone looking for an easy way to clean under their beds, but doesn’t want to use a robot vacuum and instead prefers a robot mop.



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