How Often Should You Vacuum Under the Bed

If you’re not vacuuming under your bed at least twice a month, you should really consider doing it. Not only your bed but also your dresser, sofas, or anything where dust can collect.

I’m blown away by how many people never, yes never, clean under there beds. The under part of your bed collects dust very quickly. Not only does dust collect there but also food, dead bugs, and hair gets trapped under your bed.

This collection of nasty stuff under your bed is perfect for bugs like dust mites and even roaches (big problem if you eat in bed) to thrive in. It can become a big problem if you ever wake up with itchy eyes and feeling sick. That dust and other stuff under your bed could be making you sick as people never clean under there.

How to Clean Under the Bed

The first thing to do is to avoid storing stuff under your bed. The biggest reason is that the more stuff you have under your bed, the easier it is for dust and other nasties to collect on them. Another reason is if you sleep warm the extra stuff can act as insulation to trap heat that your mattress is trying to get rid of.

If you must store stuff under your bed, make sure to use storage boxes. Using the correct storage boxes makes removing them easy for when you need to clean under your bed. You will also need to wipe the dust off the boxes when you clean under the bed as they will collect dust too.

The best solution to cleaning under your bed is also the simplest! To make your life easier just get a robot vacuum cleaner as it can fit under a good bit of furniture. Some of these robot vacuums can even be set to clean at certain times. It could not be any simpler than this; this makes cleaning under a bed so easy that almost anyone can do it.

Aren’t Robot Vacuums Expensive? Some Robot Vacuums can get expensive, but to be honest, you don’t need anything fancy for cleaning under your bed.

I will say that most people when they do get a Robot Vacuum will eventually upgrade to the more expensive models because of the value they give to their life.

Why Use a Robot Vacuum For Cleaning under Furniture?

The robot vacuum saves your back from having to bend over or move furniture. You can keep everything in place and if the robot fits it will go under it and clean it.

What is really amazing with some of these higher-end robot vacuums is that you can schedule it to clean at certain times and when it’s done it goes back home to charge. This makes your life so much easier as the only thing you will have to worry about is emptying the container every so often.

Other Option?

If you don’t want to buy a Robot Vacuum for cleaning under your bed and other furniture, then there is another option. The next best option will be an Electric Sweeper (Amazon Link Ad). You might have seen these at restaurants as these are just sweepers that pick up some of the dirt on the floor.

These Sweepers work well for big items like crumbs and some hair, but they lack the suction needed to get everything. But to be honest, if you don’t want to go with a robot vacuum cleaner then this is a great option instead.

You could always move the furniture around to clean under with your regular vacuum, but that can be hard and not worth it. The robot vacuums and the sweeper are great because they can go into tight spaces and clean without having to move anything.

How Often To Clean Under Your Bed?

I like cleaning under the bed every week, but that is because I use a robot vacuum and it’s easy. Doing it more than every week might not be needed.

I do recommend you clean under your bed every 2 weeks or once a month at least. Please don’t be the person who does it once a year or never especially if you have allergies. It would blow your mind to know how dirty under your bed really is.