Can You Move Your Roomba From Floor to Floor?

Robot vacuums, like the Roomba, have become very popular, especially with homes with multiple floors.

With this popularity, a new question comes up about if you can move your Roomba from floor to floor.

The Roomba can be moved from floor to floor and be picked up while it’s cleaning your floors. Roomba’s can remember multiple floor layouts and can even pick up where they left off.

There are a few more things you need to consider before moving your Roomba that we go over in this article.

Move Roomba Wherever

It’s okay to manually move a Roomba, especially when it’s cleaning.

The robot vacuum may beep or shut off, but this is normal and will continue once put back down. If the Roomba doesn’t continue, you may need to press the clean button again or empty its dustbin.

If you move the Roomba too far from its base or dock it may have trouble finding it, so avoid moving it too far, like moving it to a different level of your home.

Cleaning Two-Story Homes

It’s no problem for a Roomba to clean a two-story home, but it will need help getting up the steps.

They don’t make robot vacuums that can clean stair or even climb them.

Most of the modern robot vacuums that are not the “bump and guess” kind, but have LiDAR and cameras, can map multiple rooms and remember how you have it.

Not only that, but most robot vacuums are very adaptable and are always relearning your home because things in your home move or change places. Things from shoes, book bags, chairs, and anything that is not bolted to the wall can be in different locations and so robot vacuums will adapt to these changes.

What Happens If You Move My Roomba’s Base?

Moving your Roomba’s base or dock is not a huge deal.

Most of the time, your Roomba will find it no problem. It may take it a minute to relearn where it’s located, but it will. And if it doesn’t, the robot vacuum will just shut off when the battery dies.

Many robot vacuums are simple, bump into things and bounce around. There is no real logic, they just keep hitting things until they see the IR light from the base to guide them home.

There is no need to worry about moving your robot vacuum base station, it’ll figure it out.

Best Place To Put Dock

You have to put your Roomba’s dock on a flat surface with at least 6 inches empty on each side of it.

Keep the dock on level ground and avoid areas where sunlight shines extra bright. The Roomba uses IR light, the same kind of light the sun gives off, to use as a beacon to guide the robot vacuum home. The sunlight can overpower this light and confuse the robot vacuum so much that it never finds home.

Also, don’t forget to keep the dock clean and free of debris, as we talked about this post here.

Can Roomba Move To Multiple Floors?

Your Roomba can go over multiple floors with no issues, so long as it’s not too big for its threshold.

Going from the kitchen to the living room is normal for a robot vacuum cleaner.

To go up steps or to a new level in your home will not be possible and will require you to pick it up and move it.

One solution for many homes that have multiple levels is to get two robot vacuums to keep on each floor. Almost every robot vacuum will have step sensors, so there is no need to worry about it falling down the stairs.

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