The Reasons Why Your Roomba Is So Good At Picking Up So Much Dirt

The reason your Roomba is so good at picking up dust and dirt has to do with its design. Robot vacuums are designed with special brushes that help lift dirt and dust from surfaces, Roomba has the double beater brush that really helps! They also can get into spaces, like under bed and furniture, and clean where you often miss.

Another reason robot vacuums are so effective is because they can be run more frequently than traditional vacuum cleaners. If you run your Roomba every day, it will pick up more dirt than if you only vacuumed once a week with your regular vacuum.

Run Roomba Daily

If you want your home to be as clean as possible, you should run your Roomba every day. Many of them have an option to set a timer in the app to have it run every day.

If you can’t run your Roomba every day, aim for every other day or a few times per week. Once you set up your home to be robot vacuum friendly and not get stuck or knock something over, you can set it to run when you’re not home so you don’t have to hear it.

At the end of the day, having a robot vacuum is a huge time saver and helps keep your home clean!

If you notice your robot vacuum not picking up as much dirt as it used to and the filters are clean and the brushes are not clogged, you can run it less often. Though I find that my robot vacuum always finds dirt every single day, even when it doesn’t look that dirty to me.

Dust Is No Problem

I’ve always been a fan of Roomba’s, especially since they seem to do such a stellar job at scooping up dust, dirt, and various bits from our floors. For those who are constantly battling dust or dealing with pesky allergies, a Roomba can be a game-changer. It’s a noticeable difference in air quality, making breathing a bit more comfortable.

That said, there’s a caveat. These nifty robots are confined to the floor, so they won’t be able to combat dust on elevated surfaces or in nooks and crannies. While they’re a fantastic addition to your cleaning arsenal, they aren’t an all-encompassing solution. Think of them as a helpful sidekick rather than the superhero.

Now, when it comes to pet hair, Roomba’s truly shine. Anyone with a furry friend can attest to the never-ending battle against pet hair on practically everything. Here, the Roomba steps in as a true ally, diligently gathering all that stray fur, ensuring it doesn’t transfer to your clothes or nestle under furniture. It’s been a lifesaver in my pet-friendly home!

Not All Robot Vacuums Work This Well

Not every robot vacuum works as well as others.

You’ll find Roombas do a really good job of cleaning carpet as they hold the patent for the double brush. Even the other robot vacuums with only one brush still clean very well and sometimes better than Roombas.

I’ve found that Neato’s work very well on hardwood floors. My new everyday robot vacuum is Roborock S5 Max, it has a vacuum and a mopping attachment and I find it cleans better than my old Roomba 690.

The key to getting a robot vacuum that cleans well is to get one with LiDAR or uses a camera for navigation. The cheaper and more basic robot vacuums use random motion to clean and it’s doesn’t always do as well as the robots that map your house.


Robot vacuums that map your home are honestly a marvel. Once they’ve done their reconnaissance, they’re like determined little soldiers, ensuring every nook and cranny is spotless. Their efficiency stems from their unerring knowledge of where they’ve cleaned and where they’ve yet to venture.

Being a robot, it’s painstakingly thorough once it’s familiarized itself with your home’s layout. This attention to detail is arguably its edge over us and our trusty, old-fashioned vacuums. It’s like comparing a scout with a detailed map versus someone wandering about aimlessly.

Additionally, their low profile allows them to view the world from a totally different angle, which, I believe, contributes to their impressive cleaning prowess.

One of my favorite perks of these high-tech vacuums is the virtual boundaries. Setting up no-go zones is a godsend. You can block off those areas that are either too cluttered or have sensitive items. Personally, I’ve cordoned off my master bathroom. It might sound trivial, but there’s nothing more frustrating than rescuing a stuck robot vacuum from a bathroom scale or mat. In those instances, I’d rather just clean the space myself!

Not A Replacement

A robot vacuum is not meant to be a replacement for your regular vacuum cleaner, even though it does clean well. I’ve done the test, and was quite surprised myself, but there are things you still need your normal vacuum cleaner for.

Your regular vacuum should still be used for deep cleaning your carpets once a month and for spot cleaning. Then let’s not forget the stairs, robot vacuum can’t clean the stairs so you’ll need your other vacuum cleaner for that.

A robot vacuum is meant to help with the everyday cleaning of your floors, so you don’t have to do it as often.



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