I Only Recommend These 5 Shop Vacuums

Shop vacuum cleaners don’t get enough love and attention they deserve with all the power and ability they can give to homeowners. Shop vacuums are not just for garages, businesses and industrial uses, they’re quickly making their way to homes as people learn how great they can be. With the power, ability to suck up

DIY Roomba Hidden Shelf Storage / Garage

I love robot vacuums, I have a whole website about them, but the main one I use around the home has a problem that all of them have… they stand out, are in the way, and don’t look that great out in the open. I wanted a storage place for my Roomba and other robot

How Long Do Robot Vacuums Take to Clean? [FAQ]

The majority, including the one I own, will clean until they deplete their battery—typically between 90 to 120 minutes—or when they believe their job is complete. The first robot vacuum I had was a random navigation type. True to its nature, it seemed to have no particular strategy, wandering about haphazardly. It almost always exhausted

Why Does My Roomba Stop? 4 Reasons and Solutions

There are a few reasons why your Roomba might keep stopping. The most common reasons are: 1. Roomba Stuck One of the biggest reasons why your Roomba or any robot vacuum may stop is because it’s stuck. For me, at least, leaving gym shorts or shirts on the floor can cause it to get stuck

Roomba and Pet Urine: Avoid Dog Pee?

Roomba, and most robot vacuums, are NOT smart enough to avoid dog pee or most wet messes. This means that if your dog urinates on the floor and your Roomba runs over it, the urine will likely be spread around and could hurt your robot vacuum. If you have a pet that is prone to

Rug Ready? Discover How Robot Vacuums Tackle Tricky Areas!

Robot vacuums can go over most rugs, so long as they’re not too thick or have something protruding from them, like rug fringe. If you’re unsure about your particular rug, it’s always a good idea to check the manufacturer’s instructions to be safe. In general, though, as long as your rug isn’t too thick or

How To Dispose Of A Robot Vacuum [Easy]

There are two ways to get rid of your robot vacuum, recycle it or part it out. We’ll go over both options. How To Recycle Your Robot Vacuum You can recycle your robot vacuum and is what most people do. Here are the steps to recycle your robot vacuum: The most important part is disposing

[Done] How Do Robot Vacuums Know When To Stop?

Robot vacuums are interesting little machines that still amazing many people to this day. To most, it seems like magic in how the robot vacuum navigates and cleans your home. But how does a Roomba or any other robot vacuum know when it’s done cleaning? It seems random to some, so what gives? How Robot

Are Roomba Robot Vacuums Loud? A Deep Dive Into Their Loudness

Using my iPad and a decibel app, I found that my robot vacuum, a Roborock S5 Max, produces 74db right next to the robot vacuum. The RoboRock allows me to adjust the suction power, and this is max suction. When I set the RoboRock to its “quiet mode” it produces 69db. The background noise or

10 Places To Hide Roomba Robot Vacuum [Roomba Storage]

We all love our robot vacuums, but they can be a little unsightly in our homes. The good news is that there are several hiding places to put your Roomba and other robot vacuums. Some of these storage ideas are obvious, but there are a few we think are just great options that many people

How to Vacuum Tile Floors: Tips for Cleaning Tile Floors

In my experience, a vacuum cleaner can be a game-changer when it comes to maintaining tile floors. While some models certainly outshine others in this department, vacuuming often proves to be one of the most effective methods for cleaning tile. Unlike a broom, which might leave some pesky dirt behind, a vacuum ensures that dust,

Roomba’s & Large Homes: What You Need to Know

If you’ve been mulling over whether a Roomba is up to the task for larger homes, I, personally, believe the answer is yes – with a few things to consider, of course. A Roomba is a fantastic ally for those who dream of an effortlessly clean home or just need a hand with the intermittent

19 Surprising Uses for Your Vacuum Cleaner: Beyond Basic Cleaning

A vacuum cleaner is a versatile tool that can be used for much more than people realize. The possibilities with vacuum cleaner are near endless, but here are 19 different uses for your vacuum cleaner. 1. Clean Carpets Let’s start with the most obvious ones first, a vacuum cleaner is great for cleaning carpets. A

Do Vacuum Cleaners Have Fuses? [How To Replace?]

In the US, it’s not common for vacuum cleaners to have a fuse, but often a thermostat or heat sensor that will shut off power if the motor overheats or shorts out. A fuse is common in the UK, and the fuse is located in the power plug. It’s common for appliances in the UK

Bags vs. No Bags: Know When To Use A Bag For Your Shop Vacuum

From my experience, while a shop vacuum typically doesn’t mandate the use of a bag—especially when dealing with water—it’s definitely a wise choice when handling dusty or particularly gritty materials. I’ve found that when you’re dealing with things like sawdust, dirt, or even small rocks, a bag is hugely helpful. Not only does it capture

[Why 5 Years] How Long Do Shop Vacuums Last?

I usually see with a standard shop vacuum, when cared for diligently, generally serves its purpose for around 3 to 5 years. However, I’ve seen some units impressively outlive that estimate, stretching well beyond five years, largely dictated by their frequency of use and the nature of debris they’re faced with. Drawing from personal anecdotes,

Do Shop Vacuums Have More Suction? Too Much Suction?

Most shop vacuums do have more suction than the typical vacuum cleaner you get for your home. The average shop vacuum will have a CFM of 197 while your typical household vacuum cleaner will only have 83. The larger the number, the more powerful the suction. Not only that, but shop vacuums also tend to

How To Use Trash Bags In Shop Vacuum [Easy & Cheap]

You can use a trash bag in your shop vacuum, but you’ll need to make a slight modification. Putting the trash bag in your shop vacuum without modifying the bag will not work and will only stop the suction after a few seconds. You need the pressure on the inside of the bag to be

15+ Uses For Shop Vacuums [From Gutters to Pets]

A shop vac is good for tough messes around your home that a normal vacuum cleaner can’t handle. A shop vacuum can be used to clean wet spills, and with them having greater suction, they can be used to pick up odd and heavy items. Combined with their simple design and pure power, the number