Can A Robot Vacuum Replace A Regular Vacuum?

Is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner going to replace your regular vacuum cleaner? NO, but it sure does get close. Robot Vacuums have come a long way since they were first released to the public. A Robot Vacuum is not meant for everyone. Often, if you need to ask if a Robot Vacuum is a suitable … Read more

Loud Vacuums Safe For Babies? Ban All Loud Vacuums?

With the banning of loud vacuum cleaners over 90 dB in the UK, this has me wondering about loud vacuum cleaners in general. I hate loud vacuums, so much so I’ve written about it before. I’m all for the banning of loud vacuum cleaners and wish the US would do the same. But what has … Read more

Best Vacuum for the Elderly is a Robot Vacuum

Vacuuming is not a fun task, and it gets harder as we get older. To help with this chore, there has been an increase in people getting Robot Vacuums which I think are perfect for anyone who can’t use a regular vacuum. I want to go over why a robot vacuum cleaner is perfect for … Read more

Are Budget Vacuum Cleaners Worth It?

Have you seen the prices of vacuum cleaners these days? You have some going for hundreds (if not thousands), and then you got some going for under a hundred. Then you get this one person saying this one budget vacuum was great and another person saying it was horrible. — Makes you want to pull … Read more

Bag or Bagless Vacuum – Which is Better?

Bagged vs. Bagless is a big debate, but which one is better? That is the question I want to answer in this post. I’ve broken it down into the good, the bad, and one more option you might not have thought of.   So if you’re considering to go bagged or bagless then check out what … Read more