What Vacuum Is Comparable to a Dyson – What To Really Buy

It seems that everyone likes to compare every vacuum cleaner to a Dyson. As if Dyson has become the standard in the industry.

Don’t get me wrong, Dyson does make some good vacuum cleaners, but they’re not the only ones around.

Instead of everyone asking if one vacuum cleaner is comparable to a Dyson, it would be better to understand what vacuum cleaner YOU need. Not buying the correct vacuum for your needs is what most people do.

It wouldn’t matter if it’s a Dyson or a Shark or whatever if you didn’t buy the correct one for your needs.

I’ll be honest, before I got into vacuum cleaners I thought they all were the same. I thought vacuums were just these machines that sucked up dirt and that was it.

—Did you know there are vacuums for just hardwood floors? and only carpet floors? Vacuums that are made for floors and upholstery. You have vacuums for cleaning only floors and vacuums for cleaning everything from floors to cobwebs. You got car vacuums, pet hair vacuums, water filter vacuums; you also have so many types of vacuums that it gets hard to pick the one that works well for you.

And that’s the problem. You can’t just compare a Dyson to everyone else if you don’t know what you need. Maybe a Dyson vacuum is not what you need, or maybe it’s exactly what you need. Let’s figure out what works for you.

What Floors Do You Have

What are you going to be using the vacuum mostly on? What types of messes are typical for your home? Do you have pets? Kids?

If you have pets or kids, then you’ll need 2 vacuum cleaners. Yes 2 of them. One will be your regular everyday messes like a Dyson, and the other will be for the other messes. The other vacuum should be a Shop Vacuum Cleaner as they can clean up just about anything you throw at them. You can have wet messes, clumps of dirt, or whatever the kids or pets bring in – a shop vacuum can handle those tough messes. You’ll use a shop vacuum on messes where you wouldn’t use your regular vacuum cleaner.

I’m a firm believer in that every home should have a shop vacuum. I’ve spilled drinks, had a flood in the basement, dog track in mud, and the shop vacuum has been a great help for all those issues. I know some might cringe at the thought of having 2 vacuums but its well worth it, especially on pet hair and the odd places it hides in your home.

If you mostly have hardwood floors or non-carpeted floors, then you need a vacuum without a beater brush. If your vacuum does have a beater brush, then make sure you can turn it off. The beater brush is the rotating brush on the underside of the vacuum.

The beater brush can fling dirt away from the vacuum before it can suck it up. The brush is only meant on the carpet to break the debris free so that it can suck it up. Even low profile carpet should avoid beater brush style vacuums.

Most of the vacuums without a beater brush will be a canister style, where the vacuum is on the floor, and a hose comes out of it for use to clean. There does exist stick vacuums that don’t have beater brushes and some uprights have an on/off button for the brush.

If the floor is mostly hardwood, I like to use a dust mop or a Swiffer Sweeper. I do like to use the Vacuum Swiffer (Amazon Link Ad), they work well with many types of floors.

If you have a home with half carpet and half hardwood floors, then I would just stick with an upright vacuum with a beater brush and then use a Swiffer sweeper on the hardwood floors. One of the reasons why I like to avoid using vacuums on hardwood floors is that some vacuums can scratch floors with their wheels or brushes. I feel like dust mops or Swiffer sweepers are a safer bet.

Vacuums To Avoid

While most vacuums will work just fine for most people’s needs, I have learned that there is a certain type of vacuum cleaner you should avoid. The vacuums to avoid are the ones that do just one thing, like only vacuum carpet.

I like to recommend using a vacuum cleaner that comes with many attachments and accessories, as they can be very helpful when you clean.

There seems to be a new style of vacuum cleaner coming along that is multi-useful. They have a floor attachment and can quickly change to upholstery or cleaning walls and ceilings. Those are the tickets!

Maybe Consider This

Let’s not lie; Vacuuming is a chore. It’s a job we must do to keep our homes looking clean – so why not treat your vacuum like your going to work?

What I’m trying to say is that maybe you should consider a backpack vacuum cleaner. Mostly seen in commercial use a backpack vacuum can be the handiest vacuum cleaner you’ll ever use.

I’m in love with using a backpack vacuum, and for good reasons. Once you get over wearing a vacuum on your back, you’ll soon realize how great it is to clean. While there is nothing comparable to a backpack vacuum, besides maybe a shop vacuum, it makes cleaning easier than any vacuum on the market.

With the vacuum on your back your free to use both hands for cleaning. Got a chair that you need to clean under, it’s easier when the vacuum is on your back. Got to clean the stairs but hate lugging a heavy vacuum up the stairs to clean – backpack vacuums is lighter as it doesn’t have wheels and unneeded features as it’s on your back. Need to clean the sofa cushions – it’s easy when the vacuum is on your back, and you can easily lift the cushions off.

But that is not the best feature of a backpack vacuum. The best features are that most have the ability to plug in long power cords. If you have a large house or even a home that is 2-stories or more, then you will love a backpack vacuum. The ability to plug in once and never have to unplug is the best thing ever. I don’t know about you but having to plug in to clean ANOTHER room kind of sucks and makes you not want to vacuum.

It’s these features that make me love using a backpack vacuum for cleaning the home.

I Don’t Know; I Still Want A Dyson

Dyson’s look cool. For me, it’s like one of those purchases that you look forward to making. Or maybe the idea of buying something once and not buying something again because it might last longer also interests you.

Ultimately, it’s up to you.

Dyson makes some great vacuums, but always keep in mind your needs when buying. They have many models to choose from. They even have a vacuum for your mattress – yes, you should be vacuuming your mattress (only with mattress vacuums).

Hopefully, this will help you better understand what vacuum cleaners are comparable to a Dyson vacuum – or better yet, what vacuum you should get depending on your needs.



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  1. I quilt which leaves a lot of short fibers on my carpet ; what is the best vacuum to use or should I just replace with hardwood or tile in my quilt room ?


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