Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaners Are Great And More People Need To Know About Them

You may have heard of Dyson, Bissell, and many other household vacuum cleaners before, but I bet water filtration may be new to you.

What makes a water filtration vacuum so different from other vacuum cleaners is that it utilizes water as a filter. The great thing about using water as a filter is that it can filter out more substances without losing suction. The debris that is sucked up gets trapped in the water instead of getting trapped in a filter. Essentially, when you use these vacuums, you are effectively washing the air with water.

There are numerous benefits and some disadvantages to owning a vacuum cleaner that employs water filtration. We want to discuss all of these aspects and also provide you with some tips, reviews, and overviews of the models we believe are excellent.

The Perks Of Water Filtration

Let’s begin with the advantages of owning a vacuum cleaner with water filtration.

Firstly, you don’t need to purchase bags or replacement filters since the water serves as the filter itself. You simply empty the water outside and clean the canister tub, and you’re good to go. Just remember to fill the tank with fresh water before starting your vacuuming session.

Since the water is the filter, you’re just water washing the air in your home when you clean. You can even add different fragrances like these here (Amazon Link Ad) to make your home smell great. Water washing the air is what mother nature does after a rainstorm, and it works well.

Great For Everyday Spills

An enormous advantage of a vacuum cleaner that utilizes water as the filter is its ability to effectively clean up spilled milk and vacuum cereal off the carpet. This is something you cannot achieve with a typical vacuum cleaner equipped with a paper filter or one that requires a bag.

Great For Allergies

If you suffer from severe allergies, a water-based vacuum cleaner can be an excellent solution for you. The water in this type of vacuum effectively captures pollen, dust, and other allergens, trapping them within the water while you clean.

No Nasty Filters

Based on my personal experiences, it appears that water filtration vacuums remain cleaner because you don’t have to deal with unpleasant clogged filters. Moreover, it’s only natural to keep the entire vacuum cleaner clean by ensuring the water base is maintained after each vacuuming session.

I find vacuums that employ water filtration to be simpler and more reliable since they have fewer filters and fewer chances of clogging.

These wet vacuums or water filtration vacuums often remind me of carpet cleaners, and their design is not too dissimilar. I perceive them as resembling shop vacuums that have been adapted for wet cleaning, which is quite fascinating in my opinion.

Pet Hair

If you have kids or pets, owning a vacuum cleaner with water filtration will be a delight for you. It allows you to effectively clean up all the messes they create, including the notorious pet hair.

The water filtration system does an excellent job of capturing both the hair and the accompanying pet dander.

For the most efficient removal of pet hair, it is recommended to use a carpet rake to brush the hair out of the carpets before vacuuming it up.

The Downside

Despite the numerous advantages of owning a water filter-style vacuum, there are indeed some downsides to consider.

The primary drawback is its use of water. Interestingly, the very feature that makes it appealing also contributes to its biggest downside. The inclusion of water makes this vacuum significantly heavier compared to other options, making it more challenging to carry up the stairs or clean staircases.

Another drawback is the tendency for the water to become unclean. However, this indicates that the vacuum is effectively doing its job by trapping germs and allergens. Proper disposal of the contaminated water becomes essential to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Interestingly, this can be viewed as a positive aspect. Unlike bagless vacuums with filters that release dirt back into the air upon emptying the canister, water filter vacuums retain the trapped dust within the water, preventing it from floating back into the air. Personally, I prefer emptying the water outside rather than in drains to avoid potential clogging from hair and other grimy substances that may have been sucked up.

Furthermore, one challenge is that these water filtration vacuums can be difficult to find. Your best bet is to search for them online rather than relying on local department stores. It seems that department stores tend to prioritize selling vacuums that require frequent maintenance, such as bags, in order to retain customer loyalty.

The Most Popular

The most popular vacuum that uses water filtration has got to be the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner. The great thing about this vacuum is its power, but also it can be used as an air filter too!

Here is a great video demonstrating the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner here…

Other Option

I’m more of a fan of the SIRENA VACUUM that you can get here (Amazon Link Ad). You have the cleaning power of the water filtration system but at a great price if you ask me.

The Sirena is ideal for both carpets and floors and all the mess around the home.

One More…

I also want to point out Quantum Vac Pro. Each vacuum has its perks and I would recommend checking out not only the products themselves but also the reviews on them too.



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