Can You Vacuum Bugs and Can They Escape?

Can bugs like cockroaches, scorpions, flies, or spiders crawl back out of the vacuum cleaner? Can you even vacuum them?

Bugs suck, but vacuum cleaners suck more! Let’s talk about it.

Can Bugs Crawl Out Of A Vacuum?

Yes, bugs like spiders, roaches, flies, fleas, scorpions, and many others often don’t die when you suck them up. Since they don’t die and the one-way valve of many vacuum cleaners are not perfect, they can escape back out.

I know, scary!

When you suck up the bug, it’s best to take it out of your home and place the bag or empty the canister in a black plastic trash bag. I like doing this and leaving the black trash bag in the sun to cook the bug. Or just place the bag in the trash can outside your home and be done with it.

Keep in mind when you suck up roaches that they will more than likely survive and you’re sucking them up into paradise. When they survive, they will have food from the crumbs and a lovely safe home to live in. It’s important you get rid of the contents of the vacuum as soon as your done and place it in a sealed-up trash bag that is not in your home.

What Vacuum Should You Use?

The best vacuum is going to be a Shop Vacuum with a HEPA Filter option on it.

I like to place a little bit of baking soda in the canister of the Shop Vacuum because it can cut open bugs and dry them out (killing them) when the vacuum is on.

The HEPA Filter is ideal to stop small parts of the bugs like roaches who care diseases from going back in the room.

The most significant reason why I say to use a Shop Vacuum instead of your regular vacuum is that baking soda is bad for them, we talk more about that here. If you don’t use baking soda you can use a regular vacuum so long as it too has a HEPA Filter. The HEPA Filter goes double if you suffer from asthma or allergies as the small bug particles could make it worse for you.

The Best Solution

The best answer to your problems is to stop the bugs from coming in. I for one had a bad problem with roaches and never understood why – I’m a clean person.

To solve my problem, I got some roach and bug spray like this here*. I spray around the entire house, and the only bugs I see are dead ones. I then suck them up with the vacuum and be done with them. Sometimes I’m so lazy that I turn on the robot vacuum to clean them up.

An even better option is to call an exterminator. These guys know what they’re doing and have seen it all. You shouldn’t have to deal with bugs in your home, to begin with. But if money is tight I recommend trying a spray first.

The exterminator might be your only option if you have pets or kids as you don’t want them to get hurt. A professional will know what to use and how to use it best for you and your family.

Beater Brush Of The Vacuum

The beater brush or the rotating brush on a vacuum cleaner can hurt or even kill some bugs like roaches. But the problem is catching them on the floor. Bugs are quick, and getting the vacuum ready and chasing after them might not always be possible.

If you can attack with the beater brush, then do it. But remember the best solution is not to have bugs, so you need to spray for them.

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