How to Clean Dried Vomit from Carpets

Dealing with dried vomit stains is no picnic – it’s one of the trickiest cleaning challenges out there. This unsightly enemy has three components that require your full cleaning arsenal.

First, there’s the stain itself, and it can take on different colors depending on what you ate the night before. Lucky if it’s clear!

Then comes the odor, a putrid mix of everything in your stomach. Some of it might even be undigested food.

But the real troublemaker is the stomach enzymes. These buggers, loaded with your saliva, cling to your carpets and start chowing down on bacteria.

Before you consider tossing your beloved carpet or rug, hang on! There’s a legit way to wage war against dried vomit stains. Get ready for a battle plan as we delve into the steps to banish that nasty mess from your carpet once and for all!

Steps To Take

1. Try to scrape up as much vomit as you can. Since the vomit has been dried, working with a spatula or some sort of scraper should do the trick (a dustpan will work well too!). By removing this excess vomit will help you later on.

2. Moisten the dried vomit. All stains that are fresh and wet are easier to clean, just blot the area with old damp rags or some ever reliable paper towels or anything that you could throw away after, nobody wants to reuse something with vomit stains on it. Always blot, never scrub it as it can make the stain worse.

3. Grab an Enzyme Cleaner like this one here (Amazon Link Ad). An Enzyme Cleaner is the perfect cleaner for getting vomit and other bodily fluids out of carpets and household items. What you want to do is this: Apply a generous amount of the enzyme cleaner to the affected area. Let it sit for a while and blot it again with a clean damp towel.

4. Repeat if necessary. Sometimes multiple applications of an enzyme cleaner might be necessary depending on how bad the vomit stain is.

5. If the smell and stain had been removed completely, then let it air dry.

6. Once it has been air dried, vacuum the spot to let your carpet regain its fluffy and soft texture.

Use An Enzyme Cleaner

Enzyme Cleaners are the biggest help in cleaning any home from most organic stains. If you have a family and kids or even pets, you would encounter a lot of different kinds of stains like vomit and urine. Enzyme cleaners are the perfect solution to use on these stains, even works on drool too.

Always check an inconspicuous spot before using any type of cleaner to make sure it won’t damage or color transfer your carpets. 

Avoid Baking Soda or Vinegar

I’m not a fan of using baking soda or vinegar to clean things with. When mixing them it’s not a great cleaner, in fact, all it does is make salty water.

I’ve seen baking soda mixed with vomit stains bleach carpets or ruin them before. I guess it has something to do with the vomit and what people eat? Just like with any cleaner it’s best to test it out in a small hidden spot to make sure it doesn’t hurt your carpets.

Plus, if the vomit is dry the baking soda will not help much at all.



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