Can You Vacuum Bugs and Can They Escape?

Can bugs like cockroaches, scorpions, flies, or spiders crawl back out of the vacuum cleaner? Can you even vacuum them? Bugs suck, but vacuum cleaners suck more! Let’s talk about it. Can Bugs Crawl Out Of A Vacuum? Yes, bugs like spiders, roaches, flies, fleas, scorpions, and many others often don’t die when you suck … Read more

Loud Vacuums Safe For Babies? Ban All Loud Vacuums?

With the banning of loud vacuum cleaners over 90 dB in the UK, this has me wondering about loud vacuum cleaners in general. I hate loud vacuums, so much so I’ve written about it before. I’m all for the banning of loud vacuum cleaners and wish the US would do the same. But what has … Read more

Are Budget Vacuum Cleaners Worth It?

Have you seen the prices of vacuum cleaners these days? You have some going for hundreds (if not thousands), and then you got some going for under a hundred. Then you get this one person saying this one budget vacuum was great and another person saying it was horrible. — Makes you want to pull … Read more