Can You Vacuum Pine Needles?

Should you clean up Pine Needles with your Vacuum Cleaner?


If you have a standard upright vacuum cleaner its best to not suck up Pine Needles as it can damage it. Pine Needles can quickly clog up a regular vacuum cleaner if you’re not careful. Sometimes the vacuum can get destroyed, and Santa will have to bring you a new one for Christmas.

How To Pick Up Pine Needles

The best way to pick up Pine Needles is with a Shop Vacuum. If you don’t have a Shop Vacuum, then you should really get one, especially if you have kids and pets!

A Shop Vacuum can handle just about anything you throw at it which makes it a dream when you have to clean up after the kids or annoying pet hair. Let’s be honest; you’re going to have plenty to clean up besides Pine Needles this holiday season.

The biggest perk of a Shop Vacuum is that it can be more affordable and more durable than the regular vacuum cleaner you might have. Yes, more affordable and more durable.

What Shop Vacuum Should You Buy? You can get Shop Vacuums just about anywhere, but it can be hard to see which ones really work well. You’ll want one that can actually suck up many things or why else even have a Shop Vacuum? I’m a big fan of the Vacmaster VF408 Shop Vacuum (Amazon Link Ad)┬ábecause the reviews on it are good. This is one of the perks of buying anything online; you can see what other people are saying about it.

Other Ways?

Another way to remove Pine Needles is with a Rubber Broom like this one here (Amazon Link Ad). Just sweep them up into a dustpan, and you’re ready to go.

A rubber broom is not as quick but it is a silent way to clean up the pine needs, and you don’t have to worry about it destroying your vacuum cleaner. Also, rubber brooms work well to clean pet hair and other objects from the carpet too.