How Often You Should Change Your Vacuum’s Filter

The great vacuum filter debate – it’s enough to leave you scratching your head! Everyone seems to have their own take on when to change those filters, be it standard or HEPA.

Here’s my two cents: if you’re a once-a-week vacuumer, swap out your filter once a year. But if allergies are your arch-nemesis, make it every 6 months, alongside your air and furnace filters.

But here’s the kicker – there’s no harm in changing them sooner than the crowd suggests. Having fresh, clean filters is like a breath of fresh air for your vacuum and your home. So go ahead, embrace the filter freshness, and keep your cleaning game strong!

Signs Of A Bad Filter

Here is a list of signs to be on the lookout to let you know you need a new filter for your vacuum cleaner.

  • The vacuum cleaner is not sucking up as much as it used to. Click here to learn more.
  • Your vacuum cleaner is making louder noises than normal.
  • It’s been over a year, or you can’t remember ever replacing your vacuum cleaners filters. Or if you don’t know if you have a filter on your vacuum cleaner then its time for a new one.
  • The vacuum cleaner starts to smell odd, click here to learn more.

Wash Filter

Some vacuum cleaner manufacturers recommend you clean the filter with water. I don’t ever recommend that. It can be hard to determine which ones are okay with water and the ones that are not. Even worse, when you clean with water, you could be forcing small particles even deeper into the filter and making it worse.

The best thing to do is replace the filter with a new one. They don’t cost much and only lead to better air quality in your home.

How To Change Vacuum Air Filter

Every vacuum cleaner is different, but here is a good video to give you an idea of how to change a filter in a vacuum cleaner. You can find videos here on YouTube where people show you how to replace many of the filters.



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