Does Vacuuming Kill Ants?

Does Vacuuming up Ants Kill them?

Not really.

Some ants might die when being sucked into a vacuum cleaner, but a good majority will not. The fact is that ants are too small and light to be hurt from the vacuum cleaner.

The good news is that we have some tips that you can use with your vacuum to actually get rid of your ant problem.

Vacuuming Ants

The great thing about using a vacuum cleaner to remove ants is that if you have a bunch of ants, the vacuum makes quick work of it. If you have a line of ants, just suck those little suckers up right away.

But you’re not done yet. Once you have sucked up as much as possible, you need to get rid of the bag. When I say get rid of the bag you need to take it away from your home.

If you have a bagless vacuum, they work better for this, all you need to do is empty the canister into a trash bag. But here is the trick —- once the ants are in the trash bag just dump some diatomaceous earth in the bag. Seal the bag up and then shake the bag a little bit and toss in your trash can outside.

You can get some Diatomaceous Earth Here (Amazon Link Ad).

Why we use Diatomaceous earth is that it’s more natural than any insect killer spray. Another reason why we say diatomaceous earth instead of insect killer spray is that those sprays are flammable and should never be sealed up in a bag or sprayed near a vacuum cleaner.

Important: Never vacuum ant killer sprays or other chemicals in or near a vacuum cleaner! This can not only destroy your vacuum but could cause harm to anyone near it. Never spray anything into your vacuum cleaner and never vacuum over areas where you sprayed. Chemicals and Vacuum Cleaners don’t mix well.

Best Vacuum For Ants and Other Pests

The best vacuum cleaner for ants and other pests would have to be a Shop Vacuum. I’m a big fan of the Shop-Vac 5989300 5-Gallon 4.5 Peak HP Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vacuum (Amazon Link Ad). If you don’t have a shop vacuum around your home you should really consider one.

Shop vacuums are very durable and can clean up just about anything. The best part is that they’re really strong vacuums and don’t cost as much as your regular vacuum cleaners.

One great thing about the shop vacuums is that they’re less likely to kill the ants so if you want to save them and move them away to a safer location you can. If you want to kill them, just place some diatomaceous earth in the canister before you vacuum them up.

The Real Problem

If you’re asking if a vacuum cleaner will kill ants then it’s obvious that you have an ant problem. While a vacuum may seem like a quick and easy solution, it is not the best option.

Now, I could be like every other website and tell you to use Borax or Vinegar or whatever the latest fad is. But the truth is if you want to get rid of ants and keep them away you need the proper Insecticide.

The best Insecticide I have come across is Advion Ant Bait Gel Syngenta Ant Baits. In fact, many professionals will actually use this stuff – that’s how good it is. Gel is the best way to kill ants and keep them from coming back as the gel can affect the entire ant colony.

After a while you won’t see many ants anymore, and the ones you do see will be dead. Once the ants are dead, you can use your vacuum cleaner (or broom) to clean them up.