Vacuum vs. Broom – Replacing Your Broom

When it comes to the vacuum cleaner vs. broom debate, it’s a topic that’s gaining attention, especially in the age of minimalism. The simplicity of a broom raises questions about whether a vacuum cleaner is really necessary.

In the past, many found vacuum cleaners to be bulky and inconvenient. However, times have changed, and today’s vacuum cleaners are anything but cumbersome. In fact, they are more efficient and versatile than ever.

So, can a vacuum cleaner replace your trusty broom? Absolutely! With advanced technology and sleek designs, vacuum cleaners not only clean better but also save you time and effort. Embrace the modern cleaning revolution and say goodbye to the old broom – your floors will thank you!

Replace Your Broom With A Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaners of the past were huge, clumsy, and annoying. So much so that many would just rather get the broom out instead.

Things have changed quite a bit. For example, vacuum cleaners you can get today are lighter, better, and easier than getting the broom out.

Take for example, the Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal (Amazon Link Ad). You can hang it on the wall, looks amazing and fits most home decor, and is battery operated. It’s easier to grab this vacuum cleaner and press a button than it is to sweep and wrangle dust into a dustpan. And let’s not forget the dust line that the broom can never fully get.

Not only that, but for some floors, a vacuum cleaner will do less damage and clean far better.

A Vacuum Cleaner Is Better

Not only are modern vacuum cleaners easier to grab and use to clean your floors, but they work better.

A broom is just pushing dirt around your home and kicking up small dust into the air.

A vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, sucks up the dirt and filters the dust in the air, so you don’t breathe that kicked-up dust. This is super important for anyone who suffers from allergies.

Let’s not forget the vacuum cleaner will also clean the cracks of the floor where the broom just packs the dust in.

A broom can’t compete with the effectiveness of a vacuum cleaner.

A Broom Can Damage Some Floors

On some floors, you shouldn’t use anything with a bristle; this means both vacuum cleaners and brooms.

You can buy some vacuum cleaners without beater brushes, as we talked about here.

A broom will always have brushes; it’s just the nature of a broom. Unfortunately, the brushes can scratch floors, and some floors require you not to use them.

You can get a dust mop for the floors that require it, but just like the broom, you are just pushing dust and dirt around.

A Vacuum Cleaner Is More Versatile

A vacuum cleaner can do more than just clean floors; a broom can only be used for sweeping.

A vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean dirt and spills on the furniture. If you use a broom to clean the furniture, you’ll just end up having the stuff that was on the furniture now on the floor, and you only created more work for yourself.

A vacuum cleaner can also be switched to clean hard-to-reach spots like spider webs. A vacuum cleaner will also be what you want to use to suck up bugs.

Let’s not forget the ringer of vacuum cleaners, the shop vacuum. With a shop vacuum, you can clean just about anything, from water leaks in your home to broken glass. A broom is useless for water, and it can miss the fine broken glass bits.

Sweeping Is Still A Manual Task

A vacuum cleaner can be automated with a robot vacuum.

You can set a robot vacuum to clean when you don’t want to, and they often do better than you as they can get into places you can’t.

Using a broom to clean is like washing your clothes by hand; we have washing machines today that not only do a better job than you can but is far easier on you.

Mop First Or Vacuum First

You should vacuum first before you mop.

The vacuum cleaner will get most of the dirt and clean far better than a broom.

The mop is used to get stuck on dirt and grime that the vacuum cleaner could not.

You also want to vacuum first so that the mop isn’t dragging dirt and other abrasive items across your floors and scratching them.

When Is Using A Broom Better?

There are situations where using a broom can be better than vacuuming.

One example is if you have a large broom or dust mop and need to cover more area.

They don’t make vacuum cleaners that large, so if you need to clean a large area quickly, you can’t beat a broom or dust mop.

Some examples are basketball courts or a shop.

A broom, even with its downsides, works far better if it’s a large broom and you need to clean a large area.

Brooms are also cheaper than a vacuum cleaner, so it could be a cost issue. But even a cheap vacuum cleaner is worth it compared to a broom. So unless you need a broom for the niche situations as talked about, a vacuum cleaner will be the better option.



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