Best Vacuum For Pet Hair & Dander – How The EXPERTS Do It

Hold on, you’ve been on a quest for the ultimate pet hair-busting vacuum, but there’s a game-changing trick you might have missed! Enter the carpet rake – the secret weapon of experts. Picture it as a brush that’s your ticket to effective pet hair removal. First, comb your carpet with the rake to lift the

How Often You Should Change Your Vacuum’s Filter

The great vacuum filter debate – it’s enough to leave you scratching your head! Everyone seems to have their own take on when to change those filters, be it standard or HEPA. Here’s my two cents: if you’re a once-a-week vacuumer, swap out your filter once a year. But if allergies are your arch-nemesis, make

How To Improve or Fix Vacuum Cleaner Suction

Is your vacuum feeling a bit lackluster, struggling to pick up the crumbs and dust bunnies like it used to? It happens to the best of them, but fear not – it’s time to show your vacuum a little TLC. You’ve got two choices here: a trip to the repair shop or a DIY rescue

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Boats [What Actually Works]

Fun fact – I used to make a living cleaning boats! Not at a fancy detail shop, but at a boat dealership, tackling pontoons, jet boats, bowriders, wake-boats, and more. Now, here’s the juicy part – there’s a vacuum cleaner that’s an absolute game-changer for boat cleaning. It’s not your everyday vacuum, but boy, does

How Late or Early You Can Vacuum Your Apartment

Ever wondered when it’s too late or too early to crank up that vacuum cleaner in your apartment? I recently had this intriguing question thrown my way. Here’s the scoop – there’s no one-size-fits-all rule, and it largely depends on your neighbors and your apartment’s rules. In this post, we’re diving into the unspoken etiquette

Best Shop Vacuum for Carpet Cleaning

I’ll confess – I’m a big fan of using a Shop Vacuum for my home cleaning needs. It’s like a cleaning superhero that’s hard to go back from once you’ve experienced its power. A shop vacuum, or wet/dry vacuum, is a relentless workhorse. It can suck up just about anything and keep on chugging. If

Cleaning Computers Safely: Why Household Vacuums are a No-Go

Thinking of using your trusty household vacuum cleaner to suck the dust out of your computer? Think again! I’d strongly advise against it. Regular vacuums can generate static electricity that spells doom for your computer’s delicate electrical components. And even with all their might, they often leave pesky fine dust clinging to the motherboard. But

Why Your Vacuum Cleaner Keeps Shutting Off

Is your vacuum cleaner playing a game of “shut-off” while you’re trying to clean? Frustrating, right? But fear not, it usually boils down to two culprits: an overheating motor or an electrical hiccup. The good news is that the most common reason for your vacuum’s sudden shutdown is overheating, and it’s often a straightforward fix.

The Safest Way To Vacuum Pine Needles

Vacuuming up those pesky pine needles after the holiday season might seem like a good idea, but trust me, it’s a no-no for your regular vacuum cleaner. Pine needles can wreak havoc on it! In this post, we’ll dive into why you should steer clear of vacuuming pine needles and what smart alternatives you can

Silent Vacuum Cleaner – Why They’re Hard To Find

If you’re like me, you hate loud sounds, especially loud sounds that Vacuum Cleaners make. But did you know that silent vacuum cleaners do exist? Do you want to know the reason why silent vacuum cleaners are so hard to find? It’s because no one wanted them. We’ll… no one in the USA wanted them. Silent

Ants vs. Vacuum: Removing Them From Your Home

Ants can pose a frustrating issue for numerous homeowners, prompting many to resort to using a vacuum cleaner as a solution. While a vacuum cleaner may provide a convenient and swift means to eliminate ants, it raises questions about the effectiveness of killing them and the potential for their escape. This post aims to shed

Vacuum Cleaner Lifespan – How Often to Replace

How often should you replace your Vacuum Cleaner depends on what you have. If you have a Vacuum Cleaner you bought from the “Super Store,” then you should replace it every 3 to 5 years. I’ve only seen a few Super Store vacuum cleaners live up to or past 5 years and they were mostly

Unpacking the Truth: Do Vacuum Bags Harm Your Clothes?

Are vacuum bags a lifesaver or a clothing destroyer? Many of us have turned to these space-saving marvels to maximize storage and keep our clothing organized, especially during traveling. However, a common concern lingers: Do vacuum bags ruin clothes? In this post, I’ll delve into the topic to shed light on whether the convenience of

Vacuuming AFTER Carpet Cleaning — Just Don’t

If you had your carpets cleaned or your carpets got wet, you’re probably wondering if it’s fine to vacuum your wet carpet? Do not, I repeat, DO NOT vacuum your wet carpets! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people ruin a great vacuum cleaner because they thought it was fine to vacuum

This Is How Often You NEED To Vacuum Under Your Bed

Not many people know or realize this, but you should be vacuuming under your beds at least twice a month, if not more! I know it’s not common or what most people think to do when vacuuming, but it’s a big deal. Not only does dust collect under your bed but food, hair, dander and

Shop Vac vs Vacuum Cleaner [Best One For Your Home]

When it comes to tackling heavy-duty messes, shop vacuums have long been the go-to choice for their robust power and versatility. However, traditional household vacuum cleaners offer their own set of advantages. In this post, I want to go into the key differences between shop vacuums and regular vacuum cleaners, helping you make an informed