DO and DON’T of a Steam Cleaner – What You Can Use It On

If you’re not sure what is SAFE and NOT SAFE to use your Steam Cleaner on, then check out our list below.

Probably the best advice I can give to anyone, especially if you have kids or pets, is to get a Good Steam Cleaner like this one*.

It also doesn’t hurt to have a Shop Vacuum like this one here* for all the other messes you will have to deal with in your home. These two items can make your life so much easier when cleaning that you will wonder why you didn’t get them sooner.

Don’t forget to use a Micro Fiber Rag when cleaning with a Steam Cleaner. I like to use Extra Large Microfiber Rags to clean up the grime that the Steam Cleaner lifts off. The bigger the rags, the less often you need to swap them out.

DO Use A Steam Cleaner On…

Grills – Steam Cleaners are perfect for Cleaning Grills. Many of your grills will not have an issue with the hot steam as they’re used to the hot flames touching them. If it is an electric grill, then make sure to read the care instructions as they can differ.

Pet Cages – Whether it is a cat carrier or a steel doggy cage, they all can be cleaned with a Steam Cleaner.

Your Car – You won’t believe how fantastic a Steam Cleaner is when it comes to cleaning your car. You can clean your rims, seats, steering wheel, and just about anything in your car. Here is a great video showing someone using a Steam Cleaner on their car…

Toilets – Oh yeah! Steam Cleaners make quick work of toilets and also disinfect them too. No need to use harsh chemicals like bleach, a Steam Cleaner will do just as good if not better.

Mattress – Is your mattress nasty? Then Steam Clean it! Steam Cleaners can help to lift sweat, blood, and other body fluids from the mattress. If the Stains are bad enough, then you might want to consider an Enzyme Cleaner* too. Also, the hot steam can contribute to killing Dust Mites!

Toys – Works very well to disinfect certain toys. Just make sure to test the toy before going a full blast of steam, some toys can’t handle the heat. Many Stuff Animals can be Steam Cleaned as well.

Garbage Can – Trash Cans can get dirty, but a Steam Cleaner works well to fix that issue.

Windows – I hate cleaning windows, but I will say it’s 10x better with a Steam Cleaner. You can even get some Steam Cleaners with the window attachment that makes it easy.

Oven – Honestly, there is not a better way to clean an oven than with a Steam Cleaner. The chemicals made for cleaning ovens are just awful and nasty. A Steam Cleaner only uses water which I find to be a lot safer than those harsh chemicals.

Couch and Upholstery – Steam Cleaners works so well to clean sofas that I wrote about it here.

Carpets and Rugs – With the right attachment you can easily clean carpets and rugs with a Steam Cleaner.

Tools – Sometimes Garden tools or Mechanics tools get dirty, and a quick clean with Steam makes them like new again. Just makes sure not to steam clean anything that is electrical.

Fridge – The water and ice dispenser in your fridge gets disgusting very quickly especially since so many people don’t clean it. A Steam Cleaner can do quick work to disinfect the dispenser.

Dishwasher – The only way I can clean a dishwasher correctly is with a Steam Cleaner, it just works.

High Chair, Strollers, and Car Seats – A Steam Cleaner does not use any chemicals, yet it also disinfects. This makes it perfect for cleaning up after your children. Combine it with a Shop Vacuum for when they make a big mess, and you’ll be unstoppable when it comes to cleaning.

Doors and Door Knobs – Works well to disinfect many things that people touch, a must-have around the cold and flu season.

Ceiling Fan Blades – Easily dust and clean the ceiling fan blades. I would avoid the center part where the electrical components are for safety reasons.

Tile and Grout – About the only way I can get my tile and grout clean is with a Steam Cleaner – it’s a must-have.

Sink, Shower, and Bathroom – A Steam Cleaner can easily clean the hard water spots from your bathroom while also disinfecting.

Curtains and Drapes – Most curtains and drapes are fine to use with a Steam Cleaner. I would avoid using steam on old or delicate items just to be on the safe side.

Granite and Counter Tops – Steam Cleaners work well on Granite and Counter Tops. One of the best ways to clean and disinfect your kitchen.

Litter Box – I don’t know why but my cats always miss the litter box. Sure a Steam Cleaner works well to clean a Litter Box, but it’s the area around the litter box that really gets dirty. This is normal for a house with multiple cats and to solve this issue of the cats missing the litter box I bought one of those self-cleaning litter boxes like this one here*. They’re more affordable than I thought, but really the less I have to clean up the better.

Shoes – If your shoes smell terrible then Steam Cleaning them can help with that. I would avoid steam cleaning fancy shoes like Kanye’s and Jordans as they could get ruined. This method only works on old shoes that smell bad and are already worn in.

Purse – Purses get dirty, and Steam Cleaning is an option. Here is a link about steam cleaning purses/bags here, make sure to follow the directions as some purses should not be steam cleaned.

Driveway – If you have oil stains in your driveway then a Hot Steam Cleaner can help you with that.

Control Bed Bugs – A Steam Cleaner is great at killing bed bugs in all stages of development. They simply can’t stand the heat!

DON’T Use A Steam Cleaner On…

The way a Steam Cleaner works is by heating water to a very high temperature. If you have an item that can be damaged by high temperatures (225 degrees F or more), then you should avoid using a Steam Cleaner. Some things that don’t work well or should never be near a Steam Cleaner are…

Electrical Items – Anything that is electrical should not be used to clean with a Steam Cleaner. This includes TVs, Computers, Monitors, Remotes, Gaming Consoles, or anything that runs on electricity and is not meant to be exposed to water or high temperatures.

Bamboo – Bamboo does not do well when exposed to water, especially hot water. This is very true for Bamboo floors.

Delicate Items – Certain Plastics, silks, and even wool should not be used with a Steam Cleaner. Always follow the care instructions for delicate items.

Brick – Brick is Porous and should never be Steam Cleaned.

Marble and Stucco – Just like Bricks they’re Porous and should not be Steam Cleaned.

Walls – Never Steam Clean your walls. In fact, Steam Cleaners will actually remove wallpaper from walls with the right attachments. But walls are porous and will hold the water and even cause the wall to mold.

Any Paper Product – Paper would just absorb the steam and get ruined. This goes for any paper-like product like cardboard.

Paintings – Steam would ruin a painting, never steam clean them.

Jewelry and Watches – Some Jewelry and Watches can handle being Steam Cleaned, but I would highly advise you not to Steam Clean them. These items are delicate and hot steam can destroy a lot of them – so don’t do it. It’s better to take them to a shop to have them cleaned.

Hardwood Floors – I would avoid using steam cleaners or even vinegar on hardwood floors. Steam Cleaners can use too much heat, and wood is porous enough that it would lead to cupping and long-term damage to the hardwood.

Laminate Floors – Steam Cleaners and many Wet Cleaning Systems should be avoided when cleaning Laminate Floors. It’s better to stick with Laminate Floor Cleaners like this one here*.

Waxed Floors – You need to avoid using a Steam Cleaner on any surface that was recently waxed.

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