Can You Use A Vacuum Cleaner As A Blower?

While a regular vacuum cleaner can suck up dirt, some models of vacuum cleaners can also be used as blowers. Not every vacuum cleaner has a blower setting; in fact, it’s often rare to have for most vacuum cleaners you get for your home. The type of vacuum cleaner that will allow you to suck … Read more

Can You Compost Your Vacuum Cleaners Contents?

It’s such an interesting topic that was recently brought up to me about someone using the dust that your vacuum cleaner collects for compost. Looking into this I found that using the contents from your vacuum cleaner’s dust bin in your compost pile seems to be hotly debated. Some say it’s okay, and others are … Read more

Can You Use a Vacuum Cleaner Without a Bag?

If your vacuum cleaner requires a bag, it’s best you don’t vacuum without the bag. If your vacuum cleaner is bagless, then, of course, you don’t need a bag. Some vacuum cleaners can be run without a bag if you want, but I need to talk about those in this article. Why You Can’t Run … Read more

Can a Vacuum Cleaner Interfere With WiFi?

A vacuum cleaner can affect WiFi and other electrical items in your home. Interestingly, it’s not always the WiFi signal that your vacuum cleaner affects but something else that may be the reason your WiFi cuts out when the vacuum cleaner is on. Why Your WiFi Drops When You Vacuum? If your vacuum cleaner is … Read more

Can Robot Vacuums Go Over Thresholds and Ramps?

A robot vacuum, such as the iRobot Roomba’s, can go over ramps, inclines, bumps, and other thresholds. The max Roomba threshold is 5/8in or 15.8mm. There exist other robot vacuums that can go over higher thresholds that we’ll talk about along with other tips to try. What Determines The Threshold Of Robot Vacuums? Roomba says … Read more