How To Dispose Of A Robot Vacuum [Easy]

If your robot vacuum is getting old, is broken, or you simply want to get a new one, there are proper steps you need to take to get rid of it. It’s best you don’t just throw your robot vacuum away as it’s a safety concern. We’ll show you what you need to do to … Read more

[Done] How Do Robot Vacuums Know When To Stop?

Robot vacuums are interesting little machines that still amazing many people to this day. To most, it seems like magic in how the robot vacuum navigates and cleans your home. But how does a Roomba or any other robot vacuum know when it’s done cleaning? It seems random to some, so what gives? How Do … Read more

Are Robot Vacuums Loud?

My robot vacuum goes to work when I go to work, and while I’m upstairs and it’s downstairs, I can hear it. This has caused me to keep my door closed, so it doesn’t distract me while I work. Now this has me wondering how loud my robot vacuum is, especially in comparison to a … Read more

9 Places To Hide Roomba Robot Vacuum

We all love our robot vacuums, but they can be a little unsightly in our homes. The good news is that there are several hiding places to put your Roomba and other robot vacuums. Some are quite obvious, but there are a few we think are just great options that many people don’t know about. … Read more