Robot Mop Pads Lifespan & Tips To Make Them Last Longer

Let’s talk about robot mopping pads and their lifespan. If you’re using reusable ones, they’re like the Everlasting Gobstoppers of cleaning tools, lasting up to a year or surviving a whopping 50 trips to the washing machine! But, if you’ve got the disposable kind, they’re a one-hit wonder – they’re gone after a single cleaning cycle.

Here’s the scoop: stick with reusable mopping pads for your robot mop. They’re the real MVPs, not only lasting longer but also being kinder to your wallet and the planet!

Now, when it’s time to give your reusable pad some love, toss it in the washing machine after one cleaning session. Sure, you can push it to two, but be warned – it might not perform its cleaning dance as gracefully. So, keep it fresh, keep it clean, and let your robot mop do its magic!

Places To Buy Mop Pads

You can buy robot mop pads that are disposable and reusable online and from the robot mop manufacturer’s own website.

The pads you buy depend on your robot mop, as most use their own style and attachments.

To give you an example, you can get iRobot Braava mopping pads here. (Amazon Link Ad)  

Washing Machine Safe

From my personal experience, reusable robot mop pads are a game-changer because you can toss them right into the washing machine! I’ve found it best to wash them after every other cleaning cycle of my home to ensure optimal performance.

Remember, and I can’t stress this enough, always detach the mopping pads from the robot before giving them a wash. It may seem like common sense, but never attempt to put the entire robot mop in your washing machine or dishwasher — you’ll end up with a destroyed piece of technology.

For those using disposable mopping pads, don’t even think about washing them. I made that mistake once and learned the hard way that the pad just disintegrates, making it useless for any further cleaning.

Put It In Your Laundry

You can wash your robot mop pads with your laundry.

You don’t need any special cleaner, just the regular laundry detergent will work fine to clean most robot mop pads.

You should avoid using bleach as it can damage the pads.

Do You Need Them?

Some robot mops will work without a pad, but not all of them, and the ones that do won’t actually do any useful cleaning.

The majority of robot mops need a cleaning pad to be attached before they’ll start working. This is because the pads are what actually clean your floors – the robot itself just moves around and directs the pads.

Some robot mops will vibrate or move the pads to aid in cleaning.

Stick To Clean Water – NO CLEANERS

For most robot mop, it’s best you stick to clean water and don’t add any other floor cleaners.

We have a post here that goes over why water is the best and what floor cleaners works best for robot mops.  



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