How To Fluff Carpet – Make It Look Good!

Having matted or flatten carpet is not an attractive thing especially when you’re trying to sell the home. Did you know that matted carpet is more likely to be trapping hair and dirt than carpet that is fluffed up?

A Fluffed up carpet allows the vacuum to get into the fibers and suck up more items than carpet that has been flattening over the years.

Also, a fluffed up carpet makes a home look newer and cleaner when you’re trying to sell it. The carpet is the biggest piece of furniture in your home, and the way it looks reflects on how well you actually took care of the home. It’s important to practice proper grooming of the carpet if you want it to last for years, and we want to show you a great way to do this.

Fluffing Up The Carpet

I’ve seen people talk about using ice cubes, vinegar, and even baking soda to fluff up a carpet or rug. This is just crazy talk.

First off, you should never put baking soda on the carpet and then try to vacuum it up, I explain more here.

When you really start to think about it what does ice or vinegar have to do with anything when it comes to fluffing up carpet? When you want to fluff up your hair do you go and grab vinegar or ice? NO!

You grab a brush!

You do the same thing when it comes to carpets, but they’re not called brushes but instead called Carpet Rakes.

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The Perks Of A Carpet Rake

A Carpet Rake will help to fluff the carpet which makes vacuuming more efficient since now it can get into the fibers better.

But a Carpet Rake is also useful for things like Pet Hair or even long Human Hair. The rake pulls the hairs of the fiber to where you can either vacuum them up or just sweep them away.

I’m often quite amazed that many people never heard of a carpet rake before. These things are a must for any home and to keep your carpet looking good for years.

You brush your hair, why would your carpet be any different?

Carpet Rakes are often used by many people to fluff the carpet after they have used a carpet cleaner. The rake lifts the carpet up and allows it to dry quicker and once dry it helps to keep the shape too.

Selling Home & Carpet Rake

One of my friends is a realtor, and she has a neat little trick for when she sells homes. She, of course, uses a carpet rake to fluff up the carpet and make it look more lively.

The simple act of raking the carpet brings it back to life and makes the home stand out. You want the buyer to be looking back and think how great the carpets looked when they were there.

She says the trick is to make sure to put down those plastic carpet protector walkways like this here* to keep people from walking on the freshly raked carpet. When you’re selling a home anything you can do to stand out helps.

How To Prevent Carpet From Flattening Out

Many people will tell you to lay down a rug in high-traffic areas. While this works well to keep the carpet from wearing out due to overuse, it still is getting flattened out.

I recommend using a Carpet Rake every so often on these spots to fluff them up and maybe moving the rug around every so often, so the carpet doesn’t flatten out.

When it comes to furniture, you want to pick up something that distributes the weight of each leg better and allows for easy movement so you can move it around a little to keep the carpet from getting worn out in one spot. The best thing to use is Carpet Furniture Sliders like these here*. These sliders help distribute the weight better on each leg and allow you to move the furniture with ease.

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