Can You Vacuum a New Carpet? Will it DAMAGE It?

The question of “can you vacuum new carpet?” is an old wives’ tale that people use to ask back when it would have been smart not to vacuum your new carpet, but today it’s quite the opposite.

When you first get your new carpet, it is recommended to vacuum it right away! Don’t wait – just give it a good vacuum. 

Old Wives’ Tale

The old wives’ tale was from old-style carpets with wool, and when people first vacuumed them, they thought it was pulling the carpet apart. It was actually just fluff, and it was normal to see, it was a part of the manufacturing of the carpet.

It’s also quite normal to see some shedding or fluff when you vacuum your new carpet. It’s all a part of the process of making new carpets.

If you don’t vacuum as soon as possible with new carpet, you could be doing damage to it. The vacuum removes the shedding that can make a carpet look matted or laid flat. This extra material can stick to other dirt and clump up your vacuum in no time. So it’s best to vacuum the new carpet as soon as possible to keep the clumping from happening.

What Vacuum to Use?

It really doesn’t matter what vacuum cleaner you use to clean your new carpet. As long as that vacuum cleaner has a spinning beater brush, then you’re ready to go.

If you can get a vacuum cleaner that allows you to control the amount of power it has it will make cleaning a little bit easier.

I recommend getting a Shop Vacuum for all the messes that a regular vacuum cleaner can’t take care of like liquid spills. I have a post on why a Shop Vacuum is great to have here.

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