Can A Robot Vacuum Replace A Regular Vacuum?

Is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner going to replace your regular vacuum cleaner? NO, but it sure does get close. Robot Vacuums have come a long way since they were first released to the public.

A Robot Vacuum is not meant for everyone. Often, if you need to ask if a Robot Vacuum is a suitable replacement for your regular vacuum you might not need one.

There is a question that you ask yourself or a feeling you might have that makes sense to get a Robot Vacuum, let’s talk about that.

Who Are Robot Vacuums For?

A Robot Vacuum is great for someone who feels like they can’t keep up. Someone with a growing family of kids, pets, and the spouse who keep tracking in dirt inside your home.

Or maybe you can’t operate a regular vacuum cleaner and need a way to clean your home. A Robot Vacuum is perfect for you.

There are many reasons to get a Robot Vacuum and everyone’s motivation to get one will be different. But no matter what motivates you to get one it must be clear as of now they’re not a 100% replacement for a regular vacuum cleaner.

What Can A Robot Vacuum Do?

If everyone is telling you a Robot Vacuum is not a replacement for your normal vacuum you might be wondering what in the world can it do?

Well, the funny part is that it can do “just about” as much as a regular vacuum.

It still can vacuum the carpets, hardwood floors, tile, pet hair, cat litter, crumbs, dust, and just about everything else that ends up on your floor. It can even clean areas that you might miss with a regular vacuum like under the sofa or corners you might not realize you don’t clean.

But the suction is often not the strongest of them, and they can’t get hard to reach areas like the stairs and cobwebs.

But the Robot Vacuums upper hand is its repetitiveness. Unlike most people, a Robot Vacuum is willing to vacuum every day. And it might miss that one spot, but the next day it’ll get it. Robot Vacuums are the little train that could; they don’t give up and keep at it so long as you program it to run every day. This automation + repetitiveness of cleaning more often is the ticket and what makes up for its limitations.

When Should You Use Your Regular Vacuum?

If you’re running your Robot Vacuum every day then a good cleaning once a month with your regular vacuum cleaner would be ideal.

The Robot Vacuum is the daily scout, but even it will need some reinforcements once in a while.

The once a month cleaning with the regular vacuum is also excellent if you just hate vacuuming, to begin with. Or you can’t vacuum, but a family member or a maid comes by once a month to do it for you. If you or someone you know is elderly looking to see if a Robot Vacuum is right for them, I have a post on that topic here.

Drawbacks Of Robot Vacuums?

Just like with anything in life there is going to be some downsides to it. Probably the most significant thing people complain about Robot Vacuums is the maintenance.

These little guys still need to be cleaned. I remember my first Robot Vacuum and how hair would get tangled around it and it’s wheels. This is why nowadays I recommend getting one that has tangle free features.

The older models had stupid-hard-to-get-to-filters and it drove me up a wall. You don’t see this filter issue anymore as most have the filter super easy to get to and clean.

The early models also used a bumper to detect when it hit something, and this was sketchy at the beginning (the older models would mark up my baseboards). Some of the bumping was too much and knocked stuff over or even got stuck because of the force. You still see some Robot Vacuums with a bumper, but it’s a secondary thing as they have sensors now that know before it touches something to stop.

My favorite thing that has caught on is that they’re getting quiet. I’m not a fan of loud things, and this goes double for vacuum cleaners, so much so I have a post on this very thing here. Many of the Robot Vacuums you get nowadays are quiet, and this is a must for people like me who live in apartments and have their vacuums run when they’re not home. You don’t want to be that neighbor.

If you do worry about being the noisy neighbor then avoid Robot Vacuums that move in random patterns as they often are the loudest and take the longest. Instead, get the vacuum that moves in a mapped-out pattern to cut down on vacuum time. Also, look into ones that can be scheduled and schedule around when you think most people won’t be bothered by it.

What About The Cost?

You may have noticed that these suckers can get expensive. But when the pain of not being able to keep up with vacuuming the cost can be justifiable.

You don’t need to make that big of a jump when starting out. You would be surprised by the more affordable options. Robot Vacuums have been around for over a decade now, and many improvements and innovations have happened. These improvements and innovations have made their way to the cheaper models.

You can go and by the best of the best, but if you’re new try out the cheaper options first. You might find that it’s all you need. Unless you have a big house with a lot of pets and kids, then the best of the best might be your only option.

I’m a fan of the ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner*. Check out the videos on it below to get a sense if it’s going to work for you.

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