How to Keep Cobwebs from Coming Back

Are you tired of always cleaning Cobwebs from your walls, ceilings, garage, basement, and even the outside of your home?

If you’re sick of the cobwebs and want to keep them from coming back, then we have some good news for you. In this how to guide we will show you how to clean high ceilings from cobwebs and also how to keep cobwebs from coming back.

With the right tools, time, and maintenance you’ll never have to deal with cobwebs and spiders anymore.

Do This First

The first thing you want to do is clean up the cobwebs. If you have a vacuum cleaner with a long reach attachment for cleaning ceilings, then use that to suck up the cobwebs.

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner that will allow you to vacuum high ceilings with an attachment, then you can get a cobweb duster like this one here*. Cobweb dusters are specially made to remove cobwebs and even debris from ceiling fans too.

If you have really high ceilings, then consider an Extension Duster like this one here*.

The Reasons For The Cobwebs

The biggest reason why you have cobwebs in the first place is that you have spiders.

If you have spiders, then you have other problems too.

The spiders like to eat other bugs, so in a way there helpful to you. But they would not be there if you didn’t have a pest issue which is your real problem.

There is a good chance you have flies, mosquitoes, moths, roaches, earwigs, or other pests. If you get rid of these pests, then you get rid of the spiders who make the cobwebs to catch these pests.

Get Rid of the Pest

The reason why you get pests is that there is a food source for them. The food source could be trash, leaking water, or even clothing.

To get rid of these pests you’ll need to get rid of any trash that is laying around. This goes for cardboard boxes as roaches and other bugs like to eat and make homes out of them.

Also, clean and sanitize any surface with a multipurpose cleaner.

Don’t forget to vacuum everything, your carpet, and all the little corners in your home. A shop vacuum like this one*┬áis great for cleaning up just about anything.

Insect Killer

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your home, you will need to use an Insect Killer. You can either hire Pest Control to take care of this, or you can buy your own sprays.

I’m personally a fan of Black Flag Home Insect Control Plus Germ Killer*, but get whatever works for you. All I know is that this stuff was amazing for my roach and spider problem. I don’t have a cobweb problem anymore, mostly because there are no bugs to eat because the spray killed them.

The only downside with using the Insect Spray I recommend ( or really any insect spray ) is that it needs to be done every 6 months. But it is worth it in my opinion.

I have a friend who swears by using half white distilled vinegar and water to keep spiders and other pests away. It might be worth a shot, but I hate the smell of vinegar as it smells like body odor. Plus, vinegar evaporates too quickly to give any long term benefits. But if you want a cheap and simple way to control the cobwebs then give it a shot. He says for best results spray in the bottom corners of the wall. –—I say watch out for staining to your walls as vinegar is an acid. —

The Cobwebs Don’t Come Back

Following the methods above is an excellent way to keep Cobwebs from coming back.

When you actually start to think about it, having cobwebs is not your real problem. In fact, the spiders are only there to help you, but some are deadly and should be removed from your home.

The real problem is the pests that may have found their way into your home. These pests are dinner for the Spiders, and their cobwebs are their plates. Getting rid of the pest gets rid of the cobwebs.

A lot of these pests like to hang around basements, garages, and so many other places in your home. Don’t forget to clean those little areas of your home too!

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