Can I Use My Roomba in the Garage?

The garage is another floor in your home that often gets no love. The garage floor is also the floor that gets the dirtiest and is often the least cleaned too. So why not use a robot vacuum to clean your garage floor? Can You Use A Robot Vacuum For Your Garage? Yes, a robot … Read more

Can You Use a Vacuum Without a Filter + Other Filter Tips!

I’m often amazed by how many people ask me if it’s okay to use their vacuum cleaner without a filter? I can somewhat understand asking if you can run a shop vacuum without a filter, but it doesn’t make sense in your home vacuum. It’s best you don’t run any vacuum cleaner without a filter, … Read more

Do Robot Vacuums Damage Furniture and Floors?

Robot vacuums are a must-have for any home, but some of them do have a dirty secret of not being gentle. The robot vacuums you get today are far better than the ones we had 10 years ago, but many still are not perfect. You still have some that bump into objects to know when … Read more

How Often Should You Run Your Roomba?

Depending on your situation, how often you should run your Roomba can vary from weekly to every day. To make it simple we’ve compiled a chart to help you better understand how often you should run your robot vacuum. Situations Times Per Week Single, live by yourself. 1 Couple, no kids. 1 Family with no … Read more