Do Vacuum Bags Crease/Wrinkle Clothes?

Do Vacuum Bags or Travel Bags wrinkle clothing?

Well, kind of.

Over time some vacuum bags can create a few creases in clothing, but if you pack it right, you can lower the wrinkle count.

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The Best Tip

The best advice to help with the wrinkles when using Vacuum Bags is to simply get a Wrinkle Releaser like this one (Amazon Link Ad). Try to get the wrinkle releaser that has an odor eliminator in them, since clothing can get that particular smell after being trapped in a bag for too long.

Even if Vacuum Bags do cause wrinkles in your clothing you’re covered with a wrinkle releaser. If you have the time leave the clothes out hanging for a few hours as this can remove the slight wrinkles, but in a pinch use the wrinkle releaser.

First Rule

When packing with vacuum bags or just packing, in general, the golden rule is not to overpack. Overpacking can lead to creases in clothes due to there not being enough room.

Here is a great video below that shows you the best way to pack to cut down on wrinkles. In the video, they use dry cleaners bags like these (Amazon Link Ad) to help separate your clothing.

Also, in the video, they use a Packing Folder (Amazon Link Ad) to help keep wrinkles away and to get a little bit more organized.

Roll Them

If you use vacuum bags for your clothing I’ve found that simply rolling them before you place them in the bag helps keep wrinkles away.

When buying Vacuum Bags avoid the ones that require the use of a Vacuum Cleaner. A Vacuum Cleaner is not the most convenient and they work too well and can crease the clothing. Use the vacuum bags that you roll or smush out the air as it will give you fewer wrinkles.

Don’t Worry

Overall you should not worry too much about your clothing wrinkling from using vacuum bags. When done correctly or even halfway correctly the clothing doesn’t get too wrinkled. Using the wrinkle remover sprays or a packing folder we mention above can be a lifesaver. 



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