How Often Should Uber/Lyft Drivers Clean or Vacuum There Cars?

If you’re not cleaning your car at least every week, then you’re doing something wrong as a Uber or Lyft driver. I don’t mean giving your vehicle’s exterior a bath every week, that can be damaging to the paint.

Instead, I’m talking about weekly passes with your vacuum cleaner and rag.

No one likes to hop in a dirty car, and new people to your car notice the stuff you don’t. Even if your vehicle is slightly dirty, seeing those vacuum marks can make people think your car is cleaner than it really is.  I recommend vacuuming your car before you sign on to Uber or Lyft.

Tip:  I recommend vacuuming your car before you sign on to Uber or Lyft. Vacuuming can help get rid of previous riders odors and whatever they tracked onto your car’s carpet. Plus, people love seeing a freshly vacuumed carpet, it could even help you with your reviews.

Vacuum All The Time

Vacuuming a car can be simple, it can also trick people into thinking your car is cleaner than it really is. Just something about seeing the vacuum lines in carpets that just makes a car feel clean.

What vacuum cleaner you buy is essential. Don’t buy those little dinky vacuums that say there made for cars as those are not cut out for what Uber/Lyft drivers will go through. You need a Wet/Dry Vacuum like this one here*. Wet/Dry Vacuum cleaners are durable, powerful, and clean up just about any mess you throw at it.

Don’t Panic Over Car Washes

Honestly, you probably could get away with washing your car 4 to 8 times a year. Many people won’t care about the pollen or other little things on your car.

What really matters is the inside as that is where people spend most of their time when you give them rides.

Unless you got a muddy car or rust spots, then I would not worry too much. If you do have a beat-up car then how did you get approved?

Instead of washing your car all the time use a California Car Duster like this one*. These dusters remove the dust that collects on the car and are super easy and quick to do.

A Smart Option

If you just hate cleaning and vacuuming then consider talking to your local car wash. Tell them you work for Uber or Lyft and see if they offer a special promotion for constant cleanings.

Maybe a local car wash might cut you a deal since you’ll be using them so often. I know many car washes have options to pay a monthly fee for unlimited washes and vacuums – see if you can find those.

This way you don’t have to work so hard to keep your car clean. But I still recommend a good Wet/Dry Vacuum as these car washes are only open for so long and will only clean so much for you.

Must Have Car Cleaning Tools

If you do want to clean your own car, I have listed some items that will make your life a little bit easier below.

Ozium* – This is the best stuff for odors like smoke smell. If your car smells bad or you need to get the odor of someone out of your car then use this.

Invisible Glass Reach and Clean Tool* – This makes cleaning the windshield easier especially the lower parts.

Chemical Guys Car Cleaning Kit* – Has just about everything you need to clean a car.

BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner* – For when someone spills a drink or pukes in your car. If you do a lot of pick-ups for Uber or Lyft during the night, these things do happen.

Enviroscents Auto Sticks Natural Car Air Fresheners* – if you want a simple air freshener that is not overly powerful then get this one. No one likes jumping into a car and being choked by the “new car smell” that you just sprayed. You also don’t want the reviews saying that your car’s smell gave them a headache either.

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