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ThemVacuums Purpose

The goal of ThemVacuums is to answer common questions people have about vacuum cleaners and robot vacuums, along with any other general cleaning problems.

Before creating ThemVacuums I noticed a lack of good information on the subject. I was getting plenty of questions from others since I knew the subject so well that I decided to put it on a website, so I have a place to point people to.

How ThemVacuums Started

2016 was the first year I got a robot vacuum and what started the journey of ThemVacuums.com.

I had played with other robot vacuums in the past, family and friends mostly, but I took the dive in 2016 as it was time for me to get one myself.

After owing a robot vacuum for a year I noticed I had a lot of questions about them and when I went searching online to find an answer it was a bit lacking. Simple things like can a robot vacuum replace your normal vacuum cleaner, or what to do if your robot vacuum runs over dog poop?

Sure, there were funny memes and cat pictures with robot vacuums, but no one actually answering questions I, and it seems other people had.

After a year of not finding anyone wanting to answer these questions, I created this website.

Why The Name “ThemVacuums”?

I’ve had people call this site “The M Vacuums”, “TH EM Vacuums”, and many other variations.

The site is called Them Vacuums because of robot vacuums. Them robot vacuums was too long, and I also talk about other things besides robot vacuums.

I’ve done repair work on vacuum cleaners and even robot vacuums. So, I wanted a simple two word name and ThemVacuums was good enough and not taken!

Who Runs ThemVacuums?

It’s me, Lee, I run ThemVacuums by myself.

No fancy team here, no hiring writers who don’t know the subject as well or couldn’t care less.

Sometimes, if you want something done right, you got to do it yourself.

This has caused me to be slow in new content, but when I’m not working on vacuum cleaners or helping others, I try to get new content out. I may not be the best with words, but I feel there are plenty of questions that need to be answered, and I think I’m the best suited to answer THEM…. VACUUMS.

Contact Us

Email: [email protected]