How to Fix A Vacuum Cleaner That Lost Suction: Step-by-Step Guide

If your vacuum cleaner is not sucking as well as it used to then we can help.

There are many reasons why a vacuum cleaner might lose suction, but most of them are easy to solve.

In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the most common causes of lost suction and show you how to fix them. So whether your vacuum has lost its suction power or you just want to clean the filter, we have you covered.

Why Do Vacuum Cleaners Lose Suction?

There are several reasons why vacuum cleaners lose suction over time.

The most common reason is that the filter is dirty and needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Another common cause of lost suction is a blockage in the hose or beater brush. This can be caused by anything from pet hair to dirt or even string, so it’s important to check for blockages regularly.

Finally, it could be the seals around the canister or ports causing an air leak and have you lose suction.

[6 Steps] How To Fix Vacuum Cleaner That Lost Suction

There are a few easy steps you can take to fix a vacuum cleaner that has lost suction.

  1. Check or replace the filter. If it’s a washable filter, clean it and let it dry overnight before using again.
  2. If it’s a bagged vacuum cleaner, replace the bag. Many bag vacuum cleaners will lose suction as the bag fills up, even halfway full they lose suction.
  3. Check the hoses for any blockage. The hoses are often soft, and you can feel for anything. You can also remove the hoses and shove a broom handle through to make sure nothing is blocking the hose.
  4. Check the rubber seals around the canister and ports to make sure they’re not damaged or missing. If these seals are damaged or missing, it allows air to escape, and the vacuum cleaner doesn’t create as much suction as it used to.
  5. Check the rotating beater brush under the vacuum cleaner to make sure no hair or dirt is wrapped around it. If enough debris gets on the brush, it blocks airflow and doesn’t clean the floor as well as it used to.
  6. Check the power cord to make sure it’s not damaged. Plug the vacuum cleaner into different outlets to make sure an outlet is not your problem. A bad outlet or cord could restrict electrical power, and thus the vacuum cleaner doesn’t suck up as much.

How To Clean Vacuum Cleaner Filter

A clogged or dirty filter is the most common reason for a loss of suction in a vacuum cleaner.

Most vacuum cleaners have at least one filter that needs to be cleaned or replaced regularly.

The frequency of having to clean or replace your filter will depend on the type of vacuum cleaner you have and how often you use it.

The filter is often located on the dustbin or canister of your vacuum cleaner. Some maybe next to the suction motor. If you’re not sure you need to check your owner’s manual, or search YouTube for your vacuum cleaner to see how to replace the filter.

Not every vacuum cleaner will have a washable filter, some you can only replace. If your filter is paper, it’s not washable, but if it’s foam you can rinse it under the sink. Just make sure to let your filter dry overnight before you use your vacuum cleaner.

Bagless Vacuums Lose Suction, Too

Bagless vacuums don’t lose suction as they fill up because they don’t rely on bags to hold dirt and debris. A bag vacuum cleaner will lose suction as the bag gets full, even halfway full they lose a good bit of suction.

The canister might get full, but the vacuum will continue to have strong suction.

Where a bagless vacuum cleaner will lose suction is with the air filter. Instead of worrying about a bag, you instead need to worry about the air filter. The good news is that an air filter will last longer and be far easier to clean or replace when the time comes.

Overall, bagless vacuum cleaners are better and better for the environment as you only throw away the dirt and not a paper bag.

Vacuum Cleaners Lose Suction Over Time

Just like with most things in life, overtime a vacuum cleaner will get worse and lose it’s cleaning ability.

To extend the life of your vacuum cleaner, you need to do regular maintenance and cleanings of it. This means clean or replace the air filter, check for blockages in the hoses and beater brush, and making sure the seals are still good.

By doing these regular maintenance tasks, you can keep your vacuum running like new for years to come.

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