What’s the Best Vacuum for a Restaurant?

The first thing people look at (or at least I do) when they walk into a restaurant is the floors. If the floors are nasty, then the kitchen must be nasty too, and that’s enough reason for anyone to leave.

Pfft… you might be thinking, but it’s true.

To keep the floors looking great, you need a good vacuum cleaner. What vacuum you should get is pretty simple – more than one. Well, you’ll need more than just a vacuum cleaner to keep the floors looking good in any restaurant or bar.

Let Me Explain

For example, if customers are eating you can’t whip out the Dyson and start to go to town. It doesn’t matter if there is a big mess as no one wants to be disturbed when they’re eating. For this, you should use a Carpet Sweeper and one that is not battery powered.

It’s best to have a good manual carpet sweeper along with a vacuum cleaner for your restaurant. The reason why you want to avoid the electric sweepers is that they can be loud and they break sooner due to the batteries wearing out.

What Type of Vacuum Works Best

When it comes to the best kind of vacuum that works well for a restaurant, or really any business, is to get a backpack vacuum cleaner. I’ve learned that some of the vacuum cleaners you see on the TV won’t cut it for what you’ll be getting into.

A Restaurant’s floor can get many types of food or who knows what stuck to them and a Department store vacuum might not cut it.

Also, vacuuming should be quick and easy – no one is going to vacuum if it’s hard and requires a lot of hoops to jump through. That is why I love backpack vacuums. You can get a long extension cord that allows you to clean the entire restaurant without having to unplug it. This is a huge perk and only often found on backpack vacuums. Also, once the backpack is on you’ll be more nimble to do stuff like move tables out of the way so you can vacuum under them.

The Backpack Vacuum I Like

I’m a fan of the Hoover Commercial C2401 Shoulder Vac Pro Backpack Vacuum* that you can get here.

I go into great detail about backpack vacuums here and even show you some neat tips too.

Why These Options? – Story

I’ll be honest and say that using a sweeper broom was not my idea, well duh. Most of the restaurants I go to already have people going around and sweeping with these things.

But not many restaurants use a backpack vacuum, and I don’t understand why. I usually see the regular department store vacuums being used and they can be a hassle at times. Many employees hate vacuuming because of these uprights are annoying to move around and get in the way when moving tables.

This was a real big problem for my friend who owned a restaurant and often resulted in him having to do the vacuuming.

Wondering what a good solution was, I saw a guy at a hotel using a backpack vacuuming and thought how great it was. The cord was really long so he could cover a lot more area and since it’s on his back, he could move things out of the way a lot easier.

You don’t realize how limiting an upright vacuum can be for commercial use until you use one. Moving tables, picking up napkins, and other little details are standard when you vacuum a restaurant. So it only made sense to introduce the backpack vacuum to him.

We pondered over many styles and options. We were surprised by the lack of choices, but we found that his needs and his restaurant need’s the Hoover worked best. I liked it so much it has become one of my go-to backpack vacuums. I’m sure others will work well, but for this moment this one is what he needed.

One thing that was kind of funny was how people took to it. All the employees wanted to “try it on.” Of course, that feeling wears off as the new toy isn’t new anymore, but it’s still far better than the upright they were using before. Many call it the Ironman suit because it feels like they’re suiting up to fight the mess from the night.

You’ll know it’s useful when other businesses come to borrow it “real quick” because news gets around.

It doesn’t really matter how big your restaurant or your business is as anyone can benefit from using the backpack vacuum cleaner. Most of the time you can get by with one without a beater brush ( the rotating brush on the cleaning head ). This is because in most commercial carpet is a low pile carpet and pure suction is good enough for cleaning it.

If some reason you have high pile carpet in your restaurant then looks into a carpet rake to remove all the hairs and loosen the carpet fibers up before vacuuming. It’s like combing hair and helps get dirt and hair out of carpets.

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