How To Vacuum In Tight Spaces

Sometimes you need to get in really tight spots with your vacuum cleaner. Whether it’s between your cars seats, a sewing machine, or any tight space using the correct attachments on your vacuum can help out a lot.

I see all over the internet people coming up with “hacks” to allow you to get into these tight spaces. I’ve seen the straw and tape method and toilet paper roll seem to be the two most popular ones.

I’ve tried them, and honestly, it doesn’t work that well. The straw bends and breaks easily, and the toilet paper tubes require both hands to hold the wand and one to pinch the end of the tube. The bad part about using the tube is that the vacuum cleaner will naturally close the lips of the tube and stop all suction.

Overall, these “hacks” are just silly and don’t work.

What Does Work

What works is buying actual micro vacuum cleaner hose attachments like these here*.

With these micro kit attachments, you can clean many small and tight spaces. You can vacuum the sewing machine, clean between the car’s seats/vents and so much more.

Here is an interesting video about these attachments here…

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