How To Vacuum In Tight Spaces

Sometimes, you may find yourself needing to reach tight spots with your vacuum cleaner. Whether it’s between car seats, a sewing machine, or any confined space, using the appropriate attachments can be quite helpful.

On the internet, I often come across various “hacks” that claim to assist in accessing these cramped areas. The most popular methods I’ve seen involve using a straw and tape, or a toilet paper roll.

I’ve given these methods a try, and to be honest, they don’t work very well. The straw easily bends and breaks, while the toilet paper roll requires both hands to hold the wand and one hand to pinch the tube’s end. Moreover, using the tube causes the vacuum cleaner to naturally close the tube’s opening, halting suction altogether.

How To Vacuum Tight Spaces

What works is buying actual micro vacuum cleaner hose attachments like these here*.

With these micro kit attachments, you can clean many small and tight spaces. You can vacuum the sewing machine, clean between the car’s seats/vents and so much more.

Here is an interesting video about these attachments here…

DIY Option

With an old plastic bottle and some hose, you can make a small vacuum adaptor to suck up and clean tight areas.

The video below shows how to build the attachment.

Tight Spaces In Cars

Vacuuming tight spaces is a different challenge, and often harder than most other tight spaces you’ll run into.

The video below shows some of the best options you have for vacuuming tight spaces in your car, especially if you’re detailing it.

How To Vacuum Between Car Seats

The spaces between the seats in your car can be super tricky to clean, so I suggest the video below.

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