Vacuum Every Day – Remove The Chore

I’ve come to find out that a lot of people hate vacuuming and hate the idea of vacuuming every day even more. While most people say they should vacuum more often, they don’t.

Sure it would be great to vacuum every day, but it’s not going to happen. It’s a chore and one that sucks!

I’ve figured out how to make it not so bad, how to make it feel like it’s not a chore but an everyday routine. I want to show you how you can vacuum every day which will make your home feel cleaner while not requiring much work to do so.

How To Eat An Elephant?

Have you ever heard of the saying “how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time”. The saying describes taking a big project and breaking it down into smaller easier pieces.

Sure, vacuuming is not rocket science, but sometimes we just don’t want to do it. It doesn’t hurt to vacuum every day if anything it’s a good thing. Your carpet is not likely to get ruined if you do it and everyone loves to see those vacuum lines!

But the chore of vacuuming just sucks. That is because we have been doing it the hard way. Just stop and think about what it takes to actually vacuum. For real, grab a piece of paper and write down all the steps. Write like you are hiring someone to vacuum the way you want it done.

After you have your list of maybe 10+ steps (some people may have more) you start to realize that vacuuming is not just “vacuuming” but a series of smaller steps you must take. If you don’t have many steps, don’t forget to include things like unwinding the cord, plugging in, removing dog toys, picking up rugs, and all the other little details about your home.

It’s crazy, right?!

This is why people hate vacuuming. We think it’s just vacuuming, but our brain pulls up memories and nudges you like – “hey man I’m not feeling all those steps, the carpet looks fine.” And then we don’t vacuum.

So How Do You Vacuum More Often?

To be able to vacuum more often you need to stop making it a chore; no one likes to do chores.

But instead, make it a routine. I know the sound of making it a routine seems scary, but we’re going to have to re-wire you.

We’re not going to change the steps of vacuuming, well not too much, but we’re going to change how you do them.

Re-Wire You

The more hurdles you have to jump through the less likely you’ll do it.

Take a look at the steps you created for vacuuming. I bet you have to unwind the power cord. This act is not fun, and many people will never do it, they’ll just toss the cord and the vacuum in the closet and be done with it. This can tangle the cord which adds more steps.

So what you need to do is get a vacuum that doesn’t use a power cord, a battery powered stick vacuum if you will. Having no power cord = one less hurdle you have to jump through to get started vacuuming. You have many options for battery powered stick vacuums, I like the Dirt Devil Reach Max Plus (Amazon Link Ad), but pick one that works for you.

I know, buying a new vacuum might not be what you want to hear, but if you’re having trouble vacuuming with your current setup, then something needs to change. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results – just so you know.

5 Minute Rule

If something takes a long time to do then the less likely we’ll do it. But if something takes a few minutes to do then sometimes we automatically do it. Like brushing your teeth or even putting on shoes. Both acts don’t take long, and it’s nothing. Imagine if it took you 20 minutes to put on your shoes? I bet you would wear more sandals!

The same goes for Vacuuming. Stick to vacuuming for 5 minutes every day. But I know what you’re thinking, “it takes me at least 20 minutes to vacuum my entire home”. While that is true, the goal is not to vacuum your entire home but instead to vacuum every day or more often.

Just vacuum one part of the house in that 5 minutes. On Monday you vacuum the living room, Tuesday you do the kitchen, and so on.

When To Vacuum?

Now the tricky part of when. You will need to tie vacuuming to another habit you have now like brushing your teeth.

It makes sense if you think about it. You should brush your teeth for 5 minutes and only requires one hand, and you can vacuum with the other hand. It doesn’t have to be the routine of brushing your teeth, but you need to leech off of a routine you do now. You don’t even have to do the routines at the same time, putting on your shoes could trigger your next routine which is vacuuming.

Is this not the same as vacuuming once a week?

No, it’s not. It may feel like it since you’re vacuuming one room for only 5 minutes.

What it does is tricks your brain into working. You can just vacuum for 5 minutes, and that’s fine, but many of you will think – “well, I’m already vacuuming might as well clean this area too.

You lowered the hurdle of starting by using a vacuum with no cord and combined it with a routine that you do every day. Once the train is in motion you might as well keep it in motion. It’s not required that you keep going, but some of the days you might get carried away and that’s fine.

Or you could do the high traffic areas along with the one-room every day. Simply doing this is well worth it and will help cut down on dirt and even pet hair/human hair on your floors. Vacuuming every day is almost a must for anyone with allergies and this method will help.

You might also be surprised by how long 5 minutes feels. Go ahead and time yourself vacuuming, you might see that the living room only took 2 minutes and you can spend another minute cleaning the main walkways of the home while brushing your teeth. If anything this will make you a more productive human being!

And since you moved to a cordless vacuum you don’t have the hassles of putting up the cord so clean up has fewer steps too. Many cordless vacuums even have a wall hook to make it simple to put the vacuum up. Plus, you’re only vacuuming one room so you might only need to empty the canister once a week – fewer steps once again!

This is all too much

If this sounds a bit too much – brushing your teeth while vacuuming – or attaching it to any of your normal routines, then don’t worry.

I doubt this will remove the actual chore of completely vacuuming with a big heavy-duty vacuum for some of you, but it surely will help to cut down on it. If you lay one brick down a day, you’ll have a house in no time with little effort. Try to build a house in a week, and you’ll never want to build another house ever again.

If you want the easy way out then just get a robot vacuum cleaner. They can be set up to vacuum every day at certain times for you. I don’t feel it will be as good as using a battery-powered vacuum since you can get into places better and do more than a robot can, but whatever works for you.

Break It Down

Feel free to use this idea of breaking tasks you hate into steps as we mention for vacuuming. You’ll be surprised when you find ways to eliminate steps to make the job less frustrating.

Don’t forget to follow the 5-minute rule too. If it takes too long to do, then you might not do it.